Collectors Can Soon Move NFT from Wax to Ethereum

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LiquidApps, the creators of the Dapp Network, recently announced an NFT bridge between Wax and Ethereum. Once released, users will be able to send their NFTs between the two blockchains.

LiquidApps created the Dapp Network, a universal bridging framework that helps dapps work together. Their latest addition: a new NFT bridge between the Wax blockchain and Ethereum.

Once deployed, users will be able to send NFTs between the two blockchains on demand. The announcement tweet specifically mentions AtomicHub NFTs on OpenSea, or CryptoKitties in a Wax wallet. They didn’t make information available about any restrictions on using this new bridge.

This new NFT bridge will enable increased collaboration and cooperation throughout the multiverse, allowing properties from one blockchain to be used in another. We’re excited to see how this bridge, along with the larger Dapp Network, work to shape the blockchain ecosystem. 

We don’t know much else about this specific bridge, with documentation and code samples still on the way. However, perhaps soon we can trade Alien Worlds NFTs on OpenSea, while users store their CryptoPunks in a Wax wallet.

What is LiquidApps?

You may not have heard of them, but you might have used their services. LiquidApps is the company behind the DAPP Network. The Dapp Network is a base-layer of protocols that create bridges between multiple blockchains. 

Developers are the primary user base of the Dapp Network, which is how you may have used their services already. LiquidApps promises that its platform provides integrity, interoperability, scalability, and flexibility to any project that uses it. 

Want to learn more about the tech behind it? Give the LiquidApps Dapp Network Whitepaper a read.

We’re excited to see how LiquidApps and their Dapp Network shape the future of the blockchain ecosystem. It’s a promising project and one that we will be watching.

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