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R-Planet Players Can Now Upgrade Their Land

Rplanet land upgrade NFT wax

The time to upgrade land in R-Planet has arrived! Without much fanfare, R-Planet released their land upgrade system on July 28th. Players burn element FTs (fungible tokens) to boost mineral production on their lands.

After giving us a teaser last week about the upcoming robot wars, R-Planet follows it up with a release of their land upgrade system. Upgrading land is an important part of the next phase, as each level increases the land’s mineral production. The minerals harvested will be used to build and power robots. And who doesn’t want their own robot army?!

Element FTs are the result of lab creations. Even if the element being made no longer produces NFTs, a successful recipe will always leave you with an FT. Previously, these FTs were only used in creating other elements, but the land upgrade system now gives them a new use. The amount of Aether needed to create each FT determines its upgrade power. Players burn up to three FTs at a time to upgrade a land. Each land can be boosted as high as level 200.

When upgrading, sometimes finding a combination of FTs to upgrade leaves you with extra upgrade power. Any excess points are lost when the upgrade function is called.

Each level increases your production for that land by 2% and increases the cost to reach the next level by 3%. Reaching level 200 requires a total of 736,711,630 Aether! Somewhat surprisingly, the land upgrade system has not caused an immediate fluctuation in Aether value. Many players likely already had a storage of FTs in their inventories. Perhaps once robot construction becomes available there will be more overall demand for land upgrades.

What is R-Planet?

The story from R-Planet is about finding planets where we can live. Humanity will pick Mars, but this requires research and testing. That’s where the NFT elements come into place. Combining these will allow humanity to discover more elements, and maybe solve the puzzle. Players will be staking NFTs, mining AETHER, buying and trading these basic materials, using them to create something new, and then the cycle continuous.

The amount of AETHER someone earns for their NFTs isn’t a fixed rate anymore. It’s all about the total amount of all staked NFTs, and your participation in the pool. Finding a pool with little activity, could proof to be fruitful. 

The roadmap for R-Planet goes a lot further. The third phase will be Conquest, during which players construct and battle armies or robots.

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