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Play to Airdrop in Nifty Island Open Beta

Nifty Island open beta banner

Play to Airdrop is the new buzzword of 2024 web3 gaming, and we have another opportunity to earn some tokens in the upcoming open beta from Nifty Island! Set to launch on January 17th, the open beta for Nifty Island will be free to play and also give players a chance to earn prizes by participating!

Player created virtual worlds and play to airdrop campaigns are both hot items in web3 gaming these days. And Nifty Island is prepared to deliver on both points with their upcoming, free to play, open beta!

This open beta will give players a chance to ‘play to airdrop’ (P2A). Participants in the open beta can earn ISLAND tokens, the primary currency for Nifty Island. Details on how to earn are still not revealed yet, but we do know that those with Legendary Palm NFTs, and those with NFTs from certain partner projects, will have additional earning potential.

Legendary Palms are never sold. Instead they’re given out through special contests and as rewards to particularly active community members. The Nifty Island team says that there will be a chance to earn Palms during the P2A event. Or, if you prefer a shortcut, you can pick one up from Open Sea (floor price of 1 ETH).

Legendary Palms are founder style NFTs, providing their owners with free airdrops of new mints, exclusive access to the PalmDAO, and more.

the rarest of the Legendary Palms from Nifty Island
the rarest of the Legendary Palms

PFPs as Avatars

Aside from the play to airdrop fun, one standout feature for Nifty Island is their support of PFP communities as avatars. Nifty Island has built in-game avatars for dozens of communities, with more added on a regular basis! This sort of NFT integration is a use case that we don’t see often enough. And I’m excited to see Nifty Island diving headfirst into bringing these NFT communities together in their game platform!

The Nifty Island open beta is set to launch on January 17th. Watch their social channels for more information as we get closer to the launch date.

a few integrated NFT projects in Nifty Island
just a few of the integrated NFT communities

What is Nifty Island?

Nifty Island is a free to play, social game where players can own and develop their own Islands. But unlike other virtual world ecosystems, you don’t need to own any land NFTs to build in Nifty Island. Everyone gets free access to their own, personal Island plot!

Players can customize their Island as they like, creating social spaces, games, and other activities with the built-in tools.

Nifty Island takes cross-project collaboration to a new level. They allow players to use PFPs from numerous projects in their game! This includes CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguins, Azuki, and many more! In fact, Nifty Island has partnered with over 60 PFP communities, and are actively adding to their list! Just contact the Nifty Island team and drum up support from your favorite PFP community to have them become part of the avatar selection for Nifty Island as well!

To learn more about Nifty Island, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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