Top NFT Collections and Games this Week – October 15th

top play-to-earn games

Another week, another look at the top NFT collections and web3 games from the past seven days!

In the world of web3 gaming we have more playtests, alphas and releases announced this week. Influence has now launched a limited version of their space-based MMO on the Starknet mainnet, wtih plans to release the full game by the end of the year, Champions Ascension will soon move into an official alpha state, bringing with it even more new features, and Ember Sword will be holding a limited playtest allowing players to group up and venture into the Ultra Deep!

We also have a new expansion for Gods Unchained, a web-based mini-game for Skyborne Legacy, and new season of HV-MTL Forge!

Read on for a look at the most active web3 games and NFT projects for the week. And be sure to keep an eye on our website and Twitter feed for the latest developments in the web3 gaming space!

Top play-to-earn games by active users

GameActive Users 7 daysChange
1. Farmer’s World379.72k-9.44%
2. Sweat Economy264.33k-8.68%
3. Dmail Network172.4k-2.09%
4. Alien Worlds148.01k-0.78%
5. Trickshot Blitz129.26k+35.82%
6. Kratos Studios115.68k+28.92%
7. Carrom Blitz103.18k+1.02%
8. SecondLive84.13k-7.46%
9. PipeFlare75.55k-4.97%
10. motoDEX73.56k+25.08%
Source DappRadar

Not much change in the web3 gaming rankings again this week. We still see some heavy domination by mobile games and platforms.

A couple of new entries this week. One is Kratos Studios, a community gaming hub that I’m pretty sure was called IndiGG last week! The other is motoDEX, a competitive, motorcycle racing game.

Top 10 NFT collections by volume traded

CollectionVolume traded 7 daysVolume Change
1. Bored Ape Yacht Club$11.35M+57.09%
2. Mutant Ape Yacht Club$5.46M+49.17%
3. Gods Unchained$4.67M-11%
4. DeGods$2.52M-28.93%
5. CryptoPunks$2.02M-57.76%
6. Pudgy Penguins$2.02M-21.21%
7. Milady Maker$1.87M+11.27%
8. Azuki$1.78M+71.98%
9. CrypToadz$1.67M+6,105.21%
10. Winds of Yawanawa$1.62M+318.13%
Source DappRadar

The Bored Apes are back with a nice surge in trading volume over this past week and the Mutant Apes following suit.

CrypToadz jump onto the charts this week on the back of a single NFT sale for 1.6 million. With the current floor price of under $100, this sale has led to a lot of speculation about money laundering. Especially as the wallet that made the purchase was funded with 1,200 ETH withdrawn from Tornado Cash!

A new entry, Winds of Yawanawa, is an interesting collaboration with the Brazilian Indigenous Yawanawa community!

Top announcements of the week

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