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Battle Rift Boss in Season Six of HV-MTL Forge

HV-MTL Forge season six banner

A new season has arrived in HV-MTL Forge, bringing with it the Rift Boss, and an opportunity for players to earn ApeCoin by placing at the top of the leaderboards!

The HV-MTL Forge continues to move ahead with regular, seasonal updates. The latest, Season six, brings a Boss fight to the game!

Players who think they are ready can toggle ‘Rift Boss’ mode before heading out on expeditions. They then must find and enter the Rift Boss arena, where they will fight to the death with the boss! Players can weaken the Boss by finding and breaking seals scattered around the map. Players collect Shards when defeating a boss, which in turn determines their spot on the leaderboard. Earn more Shards by beating the Boss in fewer turns.

Losing to the Boss returns the player to their Forge, with only half the items in their battle bag. Those at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the season will earn payouts of ApeCoin. And the spots are pretty generous, with rewards going to the top 1000 players. Also, HVs will receive a power score based on their final placement. which will be an ongoing, cumulative data point that will be used in future game updates.

Also, as part of their recent season five release, HV-MTL Forge now includes a chance for players to earn votes by completing tasks. Complete all the tasks in a mission and earn a daily, passive vote!

What is HV-MTL Forge?

HV-MTL Forge is a game based around the HV-MTL NFTs, a collection of 30,000 Mech NFTs that is part of the Bored Ape universe. The game begins as a pet ownership / base building game. Players must build out their Forge to generate energy and keep their HV happy. Once the Forge is built out far enough, players can use energy to explore the Rift, find materials and resources, and craft augments to increase the power of their HV.

You will need an HV-MTL NFT to play. They can be picked up on Open Sea for ~0.25 ETH (current price). The game also supports a delegation system, allowing an HV-MTL owner to designate someone else who can play in their Forge.

You can access the HV-MTL Forge at and learn more in their FAQ and official Game Guide.

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