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Phantom Galaxies Releases Cohort 4

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Not even a month away from their last release, Phantom Galaxies brings us another update with several new features. Officially known as Beta – Cohort 4: Defenders of the Stars, this beta playtest includes everything from the previous three Cohorts, and some new stuff as well!

Phantom Galaxies releases another update to their beta playtest as they steam forward towards a public, early access release later this year. This latest update, known as Beta – Cohort 4: Defenders of the Stars, includes updates to Gear crafting, a new player progression system, interface updates, scaled enemies, and even another Mech type!

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Cohort 4: Defender of the Stars

Player progress has been reset with Cohort 4. And the Phantom Galaxies team says to expect other player progression wipes in the future. And this actually makes complete sense with Cohort 4, as we now have a new player progression system where players can track their progress. Players can progress by killing enemies, finding loot, and upgrading loot. This feeds into a Power level system, which caps out at level 20.

Updates to the Gear system arrive as well with upgrades. Players can also now buy some crafting resources from the terminal. Enemies now scale based on the player’s level, making sure that even the most experienced pilots will need to stay alert.

We also have the return of the Breacher class mech, a close quarters combat vehicle with Blackhole Missiles, an EMP Shockwave, claw attacks, and a powerful shield ability! Players can access the Breacher mech after they complete the tutorial.

In addition, there are a number of user interface improvements and a new hotkey (F2) for taking screenshots.

To access the Phantom Galaxies beta, all you need to do is own any Phantom Galaxies NFT, or any amount of ASTRAFER tokens.

To play the Phantom Galaxies beta, go to the download page and connect your wallet to generate your game code. Then you can either download the installer (Windows only at the moment), or install the game through HyperPlay.

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What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is story-based, FPS, MMORPG set in a future of space travel and planet colonization. Players follow the storyline quests, fight pirates, and upgrade their character and starships along the way. Phantom Galaxies includes starship piloting and fighting, as well as walkable, 3D space stations where most of the NPC interactions occur.

Players will own their own Starfighters in the form of NFTs. They will also use equipment and fusion NFTs to upgrade their fighters. Phantom Galaxies is currently in open beta. They recently added a bounty system, daily and weekly quests were players can earn experience and Credits.

The Phantom Galaxies team has plans for many additional features. These include arena PvP, PvE raids, and even potential permanent loss of Starfighter NFTs (in certain zones)!

Phantom Galaxies recently announced that early access will open on November 2nd, with the game accessible through both Steam and the Epic Games store.

To learn more about Phantom Galaxies, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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