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Freeze Foes with New Pet in Everseed Update

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Everseed drops another update on their alpha players, bringing with it game updates, bug fixes, and a brand new Pet to help out in your adventures! And there is still time to work on that battle pass progression, with many players looking to bring home the special ‘Season of the Sun Diddit’ to show their achievements during this alpha!

Everseed releases a new update for their alpha test. With this update comes a number of bug fixes, some balancing tweaks, and new dancing celebration animations for your plants after a successful battle. But the biggest item for veteran players is a new Pet Companion to use in your battles. This one is a winter fox type creature named Frostpaw. Frostpaw can use their attacks and abilities to slow enemies, and can even sometimes convert tiles into snow tiles!

There are a little under two weeks left in this season to work on your Everseed Battlepass. In fact, they recently lowered the level you need to get the ‘Season of the Sun Diddit’ to level 31. Diddits are soulbound tokens, used as participation trophies and for tracking community engagement. Owning certain Diddits may make the holders eligible for special prizes and other perks in the future.

Everseed beta battlepass screenshot
Season of the Sun Diddits are Soulbound Tokens

You still need to own either a Ranger or a Battle Plant NFT to play the alpha. The floor prices for plants is currently just over 0.5 SOL while Rangers will cost 3 or 4 SOL.

What is Everseed?

Everseed is a game about exploring the world and fighting against the Blight. Players will find encounters while wandering, leading to a tower defense style match where the player uses Battle Plants that they own as defense against creatures from the Blight!

Everseed offers a bit more strategy than most tower defense games. The creeps don’t have set paths they follow. Instead, they take the shortest route they can to your base. Players have a semi-open choice about where to place their Plants (towers), though some terrain cannot be built on, and terrain also needs to be cleared of the Blight first. But, this more open building concept allows players to create their own, customized gauntlet of doom for the creep waves!

Players have limited Energy to spend each round. So choosing between placing new plants, revealing hidden terrain, and watering (leveling up plants) requires some thought and planning. And since watering is an area of effect ability, finding ways to group your plants together for maximum efficiency can be important as well. Plants can also be leveled up as the round progresses, offering new abilities or stat boosts.

Players also choose a pet Companion to help them. Pets can move freely before the round starts, block creep pathing, and have a special ability or two.

To learn more about Everseed, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Everseed beta screenshot
freezing enemies with new Frostpaw Pet
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