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Design and Earn with Web3 Games

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Earning in web3 gaming isn’t always about playing. In fact, an important facet of many web3 games includes embracing user generated content. As a matter of fact, we’re going to tell you about three different contests where you can design and earn!

A common philosophy around web3 gaming has been the embrace of user generated content. Developers are building with modders in mind and even holding contests to make designs for their games!

Speaking of which, we have design and earn contests from three different projects, all looking to tap into the creative mind of their communities!

Design an Insignia

Shrapnel brings us a design contest with their Insignia creator. The Insignia Creator is a web-based tool that lets players manipulate various design elements to build their creations. And better minds than mine have made some pretty amazing creations!

This contest will be broken into parts over three weeks. Each week will have a different theme. This contest began on August 17th, so the first week ends tomorrow (August 24th). But if you want to take a try at getting a last minute submission in, this week’s theme is fantasy.

Shrapnel has also partnered with several other gaming communities to get their players involved, and to also bolster the prize pool, which includes Shrapnel NFTs, legendary cards from Parallel, Wildpasses for Wildcard, and more! The partners for this Insignia event are Wildcard, Champions Ascension, Planet Mojo, and Parallel.

You can read more about the requirements and submission rules on the design challenge page. Entries will need to be submitted on the Shrapnel Discord.

Envision a Mech

Phantom Galaxies is looking for something a little larger with their Mech Design Challenge. In this contest, Phantom Galaxies asks community members to submit their own mech design. This isn’t just an event for artists, though. You can submit artwork or blueprints, but you can also just submit a written description!

And this contest is wide open. These designs won’t ever be implemented into the game, so players can let their imaginations run wild. A judging panel will select the top three contenders, with the community picking their favorite as well.

Now technically, this isn’t actually a design and earn event. There are no rewards for winning aside from the adulation of your fellow community members. But it’s still an opportunity to flex your creative muscles!

Submissions close on September 7, 2023 8:59 AM and need to be posted on the Phantom Galaxies Discord.

Create a Character Skin

The third contest we have for this article comes from Metarush. Metarush is holding a Character Skin design contest. And this one does include monetary rewards!

For this event, participants can design a basic suit, and/or an epic suit. Basic suits don’t make any major changes to the character outline and doesn’t include any fancy looking parts. On the other hand, epic suit designs can include pretty much any design that you can imagine!

The best submission will receive $200 worth of MYRIA tokens, and have their design added to the game! Entries are due by September 3rd, 2023. Use this form for your submissions.

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