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Everseed Latest Demo Includes New Companion

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Everseed continues their cadence of releasing a limited time demo every couple of months with a new release. Featuring two new maps, two new tile types, two new plants, four new enemies, and even a new pet companion!

Everseed continues to build on their tower defense demos. Each release brings a little bit more to the game. With eight encounters, numerous enemies, and a growing selection of Plants (towers) to choose from, the Everseed demo is already a complex and fun gaming experience!

The latest demo brings many new items to the game. The newest Companion, Jerbaroo, is a sort of kangaroo-rat-monkey creature. Jerbaroo is a fast attacker with the ability to move around during an attack wave. Normally Companions are static once the round begins, so this brings a new dynamic to the game.

And the poor Alpha Corgi, the original pet introduced, has been overshadowed in the last couple of demos by the Honey Bear. To help them out, the team gave the Corgi Pets a bit of a boost. The Corgi can now attack from two hexes away, and its Growl ability effects a 3 hex radius with a reduced cooldown of 8 seconds.

new Frosted Delta map
new Frosted Delta map

A new tile type, the Sour Patch, applies Acid Stacks to enemies that pass through them, resulting in extra damage from other attacks. Also, players can place Plants on the Sour Patch tiles, causing them to do Acid damage. However, the Plant dissolves at the end of the round!

Shockstalk Plants shoot electric bolts at a random enemy in range. If the enemy hit is standing on a Stream tile, all other enemies in the same body of water take damage as well! We also have new enemies in the form of Automenders, Repair Golems, Shield Drones, and Nullifiers and another defensive Plant, the Dreadwood.

And these demos are actually a part of the main game. While the the demos work as standalones, when the main game releases, players will need to engage in these tower defense style matches when fending off aggressive enemies.

Players can also level up their Rangers by playing the demo, which will carry over to the official release. This latest demo allows Rangers to reach level 6. Players must own a Ranger or Plant NFT to play the demo.

Everseed Demo Gameplay

While the larger Everseed world will feature exploration and other such stuff, the gameplay for the demos focuses on the tower defense game, where players use plants to defend against waves of incoming blighted beasts. But Everseed offers a bit more strategy than most tower defense games. The creeps don’t have set paths they follow. Instead, they take the shortest route they can to your base. Players have a mostly free choice about where to place their plants (towers), though some terrain cannot be built on. So, as the waves progress, players end up creating their own, customized gauntlet of doom for the creep waves.

Everseed demo gameplay
Everseed demo gameplay

Players have limited Energy to spend each round. So choosing between placing new plants, revealing hidden terrain, and watering (leveling up plants) requires some thought and planning. And since watering is an area of effect ability, finding ways to group your plants together for maximum efficiency can be important as well.

Players also choose a pet Companion to help them. Pets can move freely before the round starts, block creep pathing, and have a special ability or two.

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