Introducing Everseed, an Upcoming Roguelike MMO on the Solana Blockchain

Everseed is an upcoming roguelike game with tower defense mechanics. They define themselves as a “Farm-to-Tabletop” MMO—there is a core replayable game loop (“tabletop”) with built-in metasystems (“farm”) fostering long-term relationships with other players (MMO).

Everseed is being developed on the Solana Blockchain, and its core idea is to build a sustainable economy on top of a healthy community. 

The development studio, Amihan Entertainment, is composed of ex-senior devs coming from Blizzard, Riot, and other major companies in traditional gaming. They saw an opportunity after the rise of Axie Infinity in 2021 and decided to take it.

Everseed is their first project, and in just a few months they got tons of free PR on Twitter, and structured their Discord server very efficiently, with only a few members being granted chatting rights. 

In the future, the game aims to develop in stages, similar to how Warframe came to be. From a gameplay perspective, you start a run by choosing a companion. Companions bring unique abilities to a run, changing your potential strategy and playstyle. While most companions are collectibles that can be exchanged in the marketplace, free-to-play players will still gain access to companions in a way that doesn’t hinder their play. 

Everseed’s gameplay could be described as “low skill floor, high skill ceiling.” Once the first type of gameplay will be released, the team will start working on MMO features and Universe building.

The Everseed NFT Mint

On the 20th of April, Everseed started allowlisting some SOL addresses from their discord and gave another wave of users a chance to join in their Elixir Sale through whitelisting the day after. The launch happened on the Magic Eden Launchpad.

Elixir is a token pegged to an NFT. Each Elixir cost 1 SOL. In practical terms, users that bought an Elixir will be able to burn it to mint an Everseed NFT on the 26th of April. Avatars can be personalized before that, to make the NFT look like us. 

Everseed believes allowing deep customization of the NFT rewards players over the long run and makes the whole experience more authentic.

The Elixir is not currently tradable and is not listed on any exchanges. There are no real details over the tokenomics of the game or how the NFT marketplace will work, but the developers confirmed the minted NFT will indeed be tradeable and usable in-game. 

The Elixir Sale event wasn’t a cash grab. The team clearly stated the development is VC-baked, hence the funds will be used to further grow their team and community.

A Focus on Diversity

The gaming community can sometimes be toxic towards minorities, and this is accentuated in play to earn titles. For this reason, Everseed is heavily focusing on inclusivity. 

Their articles on Substack always mention diversity, and they even have a full guide on how to behave in their Discord community

During a Twitter Space, the founder claimed their 22-people team is composed of 50% non-binary members, further enhancing the narrative of empowering marginalized communities. 

Everseed Roadmap

Here’s what’s ahead on the Everseed roadmap from now until the end of the year: 

🌱 Website Launch 
🐣 Community Launch 
🎬 Teaser Trailer 
🥇 Genesis NFT Launch
🤖 Prototype Build Playtests
🪅 Collectible Airdrops
🪙 Community Events & Rewards
💇 Avatar Parlor
🍕 Vertical Slice Playtest: Core Game Loop

Everseed will not launch any real gameplay demo in 2022. The team made it clear that they’re not going to rush through the development phases, and prefer to focus on shipping a quality game from the get-go. A project to keep an eye on!

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