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Earn Alpha Chests in Citizen Conflict 3.0

Citizen Conflicy Alpha 3.0 banner

A new phase arrives in Citizen Conflict — alpha phase 3 to be exact. And with this phase comes a new map, and play and earn rewards in the form of Alpha Boxes, which could contain a limited edition, alpha only NFT!

Alpha phase 3.0 arrives in Citizen Conflict, bringing a new map, new tournaments, and new loot boxes!

To play in the Citizen Conflict alpha you need to hold an NFT from one of these collections — Alpha Key, Become the Citizen, Syndicate Heroes, or Alpha 3.0 Box (or any asset found inside a Box). You can pick up these assets on the Qorpo marketplace, with prices as low as ten cents (USD) for some items.

Players can find Alpha 3.0 loot boxes in several ways. They can earn Boxes by completing daily quests as well as receive them as random surprises throughout this alpha release. In addition, new players receive a Box just for registering, and everyone who plays just one game will earn a Box as well!

Once you receive an Alpha Box, you have two choices. You can mint it, and then open it to receive the loot inside. Or you can choose to sell it. When you sell the Box in the Qorpo marketplace, it’s still an offchain asset, so there are no extra fees involved. Boxes can contain Become the Citizen NFTs, a reward doubling coupon, a guarantee of $10 worth of QORPO token airdrop, or a limited edition (only 1000 total), Tunkas ‘Robochad’ NFT.

Alpha 3.0 loot box contents

Alpha 3.0 also includes two tournament pools. One for individual players, and one for teams. Players earn points for kills, assists, revives, and for control point activity. The current game mode for Citizen Conflict sees three teams of up to five players each vying for five control points scattered around the map.

Aside from earning points towards the tournaments, players can also work on completing quest goals while playing. Complete the daily quests to earn an Alpha Box.

Pick up an alpha pass (or other NFT) and you can download the game and start playing right now!

What is Citizen Conflict?

Citizen conflict is a free to play, team based FPS. Built in Unreal 5, Citizen Conflict plans to offer unique player avatars as well as regular eSports events and prize pool tournaments. The game will include various play modes such as deathmatch, battle royale, extraction, and others. There will also be an open world where Syndicates can fight for control of various districts. The open game world will include vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and helicopters!

The Heroes come in five different classes, and can be outfitted with gear and equipment that changes or enhances their abilities. And these items are not just cosmetic. Everything equipped affects the character’s gameplay in some manner.

Citizen Conflict has their own token called CCASH. This will be used for in-game purchases. There will likely be some sort of battle pass system as well, centered around Citizen ID cards.

To learn more about Citizen Conflict, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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