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New Maps, Skins and More in Citizen Conflict 4.0

Citizen Conflict 4.0 banner

Citizen Conflict prepares to launch alpha version 4.0 of their team-based, first-person shooter, bringing with it a new, exclusive skin, loot boxes of differing rarities, new maps, improved gameplay, and more! The game is free to play, and you can even mint common loot boxes for free!

Soon, version 4.0 of Citizen Conflict will drop, bringing a number of new features to this team-based FPS. We don’t have an official launch date for version 4.0. Just “soon”. But while we’re waiting for an official announcement, you can wishlist Citizen Conflict on Epic Games.

Version 4.0 introduces no less than three different progression paths — weapons, accounts, and a battle pass. Weapon progression opens up new equipment options for players, who otherwise must use the default selection. This is done by completing specific tasks with each weapon. Players will earn experience points from winning matches and completing daily and weekly tasks. Completing these tasks rewards points for both account level progression and the seasonal battle pass system. Both progression paths offer additional rewards and equipment options.

Bratislava map

We will also have five maps to battle on, some returning from previous versions, some new. Three new heroes make an appearance as well — Billy, Blinder, and Barb. In addition, all Heroes now have roles and special abilities further specializing their gameplay.

Two new weapons come in Citizen Conflict 4.0. The Amp, a double-barreled shotgun, great for fights in close quarters, and the Cyclone, a rapid firing SMG. The Cyclone will be given to anyone who purchases a battle pass, though free players will also have the option to earn one through gameplay.

In addition, the team has made a number of gameplay improvements for the 4.0 launch. These include,

  • Enhanced minimap layouts for more intuitive player navigation
  • Overall map performance improvements
  • Enhanced hit reception, weapon effects, and animations
  • Enhanced performance of the character animation system for a smoother and more realistic experience
  • Improved bullet traces and impact decals
  • Broad network-related enhancements
  • Comprehensive bug-fixing efforts
  • Introduction of a new dashboard layout with improved animations, UI effects, and overall UX enhancements
  • Revamped in-game UI layout for improved performance

4.0 also brings us Season 0 Loot Boxes. Loot boxes come in three varieties, common, rare, and epic. Minting common boxes will be free, but rare and epic boxes have a small, premium charge associated with them. Inside of all of the loot boxes you can find Sprays, Player Icons, Weapon Skin Shards, Masks (cosmetic items), and CCASH tokens. Epic boxes can also contain Hero Skin Shards. Shards are used for crafting, with up to six Shards added to the process to improve the odds of success. You can pick up your loot boxes on the Qorpo website.

And finally, Citizen Conflict is holding a sale for a limited edition, ‘ Magic Angel’ skin for the Zodiac hero. This is the final NFT drop before 4.0 launches and not only includes a custom skin but also comes with special VFX effects, a custom voiceover, lifetime access to Citizen Conflict, automatic entry into an upcoming, limited tournament, and 10 epic, in-game treasures! The Magic Angel skin costs 39 MATIC, and is available on Magic Eden. Only a maximum of 2,222 of these skins will exist, and the sale ends this weekend.

character skin for Citizen Conflict
Magic Angel skin

What is Citizen Conflict?

Citizen conflict is a free to play, team based FPS. Built in Unreal 5, Citizen Conflict sees teams of players fighting across a variety of maps. The game will include various play modes such as deathmatch, battle royale, extraction, and others. There will also be an open world where Syndicates can fight for control of various districts. The open game world will include vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and helicopters!

Heroes come in five different classes, and can be outfitted with gear and equipment that changes or enhances their abilities. And these items are not just cosmetic. Everything equipped affects the character’s gameplay in some manner.

Citizen Conflict has their own token called CCASH. This will be used for in-game purchases. There will likely be some sort of battle pass system as well, centered around Citizen ID cards.

To learn more about Citizen Conflict, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

hero skin variations
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