Claim Your Free Blocklords Banner Chests & Heroes

Blocklords Free Banner Chests and Heroes

BLOCKLORDS is an upcoming strategy MMO game developed by MetaKing Studios that opened its early-access pre-registration in August 2022. Players who signed up for the pre-registration can claim BLOCKLORDS Heroes, pre-registration gifts, and legendary rewards for free. 

The Legendary heroes are limited in supply and have unique traits that are useful in the game’s final launch. These traits are linked to the game’s founding lore and pass through to their descendants, giving players access to the legacy and the rewards that these Heroes bring. The Legendary Heroes are the “first Lords and Ladies of the realm” and provide immediate access to these noble roles in the early access. To claim a Hero, players must exchange banner chests received during pre-registration.

Players receive Banner Chests by pre-registering for early access. The chests contain five banners that can be exchanged to claim a Hero and get a spot in the early access. The rarer the banner chests, the rarer the Heroes obtained. There are three types of chests – Basic, Silver, and Gold. The basic chests can be obtained by just pre-registering for early access, and silver chests can be won by participating in community events on Discord. The ways to obtain a gold chest will be released later on.

The basic chest contains 5 tradable basic banners and may contain a silver banner. The silver chest contains 5 tradable rare banners, including silver and bronze. The gold chest contains very rare 5 tradable banners with 1 guaranteed gold banner. 

Players can claim their free Hero for early access by pre-registering here. Please note that the supply is limited.

Blocklords Pre-registration


BLOCKLORDS is a blockchain medieval strategy MMO game that allows players to create heroes, conquer cities, trade items, earn taxes, and create a user-driven economy. In addition, players will be able to earn income from in-game activities. 

The game has four basic components – Farm, Fight, Rule, and Conquer. Each player begins as a farmer in BLOCKLORDS. They can use the world map to explore and choose a region to settle and start farming. Players have the freedom to leave their farms and start building an army. 

Those who are successful can rise through the ranks and get the ruling role, such as Lords and Ladies who control entire regions. In addition, players can generate income through activities such as fighting bandits, winning battles, farming, trading, and supporting allies.


BLOCKLORDS is still in the early release phase. The roadmap phases include Seed raising, strategic raising, private sale, teaser video, and whitelist event that has already been completed. The upcoming phases include Phase 6 – Hero Claim Event, Phase 7 – Cinematic Minisodes, Phase 8: Early Access, Phase 9: Blocklords foundation: Dynasty and Expansion, and Phase 10: Full game open beta release.


BLOCKLORDS is developed by MetaKing Studios and has a team of over 100 people in twenty countries worldwide. The team includes veterans who have worked in Ubisoft, EA, Paradox, Lucasfilm, Disney, Universal, and Netflix. BLOCKLORDS is the first game developed by MetaKing Studios.

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