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Get Your Citizen in the ClashDome Amnio-Tank Sale

clashdome citizen amnio tank

Though the first two rounds of sale with the rarest of the citizens have already completed, there is still time to pick up your ClashDome Amnio-Tank, customize your citizen, and mint your very own personalized, unique avatar. It’s not too late! Citizens provide in-game benefits and the potential for passive earnings. The final sale happens on Friday, November 5th.

Player avatars are a growing trend in the world of blockchain gaming. And ClashDome brings us their version in the form of customizable, avatar NFTs. Though each character will be unique, owners get to choose the traits they want rather than rely on random, generative properties. This gives the owner full, creative control over their citizen’s appearance.

It all starts with an Amnio-tank. Amnio-tanks come in three varieties: Hi-Clones, Ubernorms, and Plebs. Not only are Hi-Clones and Ubernorms rarer, but they also have access to special customization features and colors that the lower rarities don’t. The sales for Hi-Cline and Ubernorms have completed, though both are still available on secondary markets. Only 400 Hi-Clone tanks and 1200 Ubernorm tanks will ever be created.

Once you have an Amnio-tank in your possession, you can create your citizen at Please note that customization doesn’t open until a couple of days after the sale. Change the hair, top, pants, sleeves, cape, shoes, socks, eyebrows and more. With over a dozen attributes, each with a subset of variations and color choices, players have plenty of opportunity to create a truly unique citizen and are guaranteed that no other will have the exact same set of attributes.

What are ClashDome Citizens?

ClashDome Citizens are customizable avatars that also serve as in-game characters. In addition, they provide various benefits in the ClashDome ecosystem, which already includes several web-based games such as Endless Siege, Candy Fiesta, and Templok.

Though most of this functionality is in the future, owning a Citizen allows for active earnings by playing games and earning Ludio, passive earnings via mining equipment, NFT drops, token airdrops, NFT crafting, and Breeding! That’s quite a list!

For succeeding generations, ClashDome features ‘Breeding Duels’. No, that is not a typo. Apparently, two rivals will face-off and share their genetic data to create an offspring, then compete for ownership! The winner receives an Amnio-tank and can sell it or birth a new Citizen. That is certainly a different take on breeding! It would have to include random matchups one would think. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear more info about this feature!

Though we have no details on the tokens, the graphic below mentions two called $CARBS and $JIGOWATTS. Both are earned by owning Citizens and participating in an upcoming mining mini-game. It seems these will also be important in the crafting on new NFT items.

In another interesting feature, an in-development game called ClashGrinders allows Citizen owners to use their avatar in-game. Play as your Avatar, exactly how you customized them. That sounds like a pretty cool feature. Especially once it crosses over to more than one game. Having a persistent avatar image between games would be a huge deal for a lot of gamers.

The Next Generation

If you miss this Genesis Generation Amnio-tank sales this time around, no worries, there will be an additional sale. And the Clashdome team says that their focus will be on the breeding system once ClashDome Grinders is released. So second generation Citizens should hit the markets soon after.

It’s great to see more avatar NFT incorporation into an ecosystem rather than just a picture you hold in your digital wallet. The potential of NFTs offers so much more, and releases such as ClashDome Citizens are just a first step along the way.

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