MetaCene Opens Alpha Test

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A new MMORPG joins the neighborhood as MetaCene, a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, starts their closed alpha test! With all of the traditional MMO elements, will MetaCene establish themselves as a major player in the still developing web3-MMO space?

MetaCene kicks off the alpha test for their MMO today.

This alpha test may be open to everyone? The MetaCene team is not so great at clear communication. You should definitely have access if you are on the whitelist or you own a MetaCene Apostle NFT (or MAN). And, it seems that you may also be able to download and play the game by simply by registering at

Metacene just recently completed their Apostles sale, founder-style NFTs that offer early access to alpha testing, player governance privileges, and other perks. These Apostle NFTs can be picked up on OpenSea for about $55 USD.

MetaCene alpha screenshot
MetaCene alpha screenshot

More about MetaCene Alpha

This alpha will be on the Rangers Testnet (Robin chain). I’ve not heard of this chain before, but you can get the instructions for connecting and registering your account on the official MetaCene webpage.

Players are airdropped some USDT (on the testnet, so not worth anything), which they can exchange into MUD, the game currency to help them get started.

MetaCene includes an in-game marketplace, and players will also be able to withdraw and bring items into the game, paving the way for player trading. But again, this is all on testnet. None of the progress will be permanent.

how to mine for ore in MetaCene
how to mine for ore in MetaCene

However, there are also potential play and earn opportunities for this alpha. MetaCene is holding a number of events to reward players for things such as mining the most ore, enhancing weapons to level 7+, and even just for signing in and playing the game! Rewards include exclusive titles, NFTs, and even USDT tokens. Alpha prizes won’t be delivered until after the official game launch.

The MetaCene alpha will run from July 31st through August 7th.

What is Metacene?

Metacene is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG with an old school MMO feel to it. Players can customize their character, equip items, upgrade and enhance equipment, gather resources, craft new items, learn skills, kill monsters, and battle other players.

Metacene includes PvE, PvP, and Neutral zones. Players can choose to flag themselves in Neutral zones, allowing them to attack other players. When players become engage in PvP actions, they are given a ‘Red Alert’ status, turning their names red. If they are defeated, their killer has a chance to take some of their equipment. Also, if a Red Alert player collects too many kills, they will be sent to a prison. Players can reduce their kill count by defeating monsters. However, in the PvP designated areas, there is no imprisonment for engaging in PvP.

Metacene also plans to include guilds, player governance in-game, and user created content.

To learn more about Metacene, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

MetaCene alpha screenshot
MetaCene alpha screenshot
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