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Test and Earn with Clash of Moland Alpha from MOBOX

Clash of Moland banner

MOBOX continues to expand its selection of game offerings. The latest in queue, called Clash of Moland, is currently in alpha testing. As part of the testing process, the MOBOX team will host a special alpha test, with rewards for the top 300 players on three different leaderboards.

Just a little more than a year ago, MOBOX was basically a DEFI platform for its MBOX token. They used cutesy NFTs to gameify things a bit, but otherwise, there wasn’t really much going on. Since then, MOBOX has grown to include over a half-dozen games, a virtual world, and an integrated ecosystem that sees the MOMO NFTs used almost everywhere! Now they bring us a new game, called Clash of Moland. With a special alpha starting soon, that will offer rewards to the top players.

Clash of Moland banner

The Clash of Moland alpha starts on August 11, 2022, at 3:00 UTC, and ends on August 25th at 3:00 UTC. Every account that participates receives a daily airdrop of 2,000 MBOX and 20,000 MEC test tokens. These tokens are for testing only and cannot be removed from the Clash of Moland alpha.

At the end of the event, the top players receive rewards of MBOX and MEC tokens. Total rewards include 1,200 MBOX tokens and 12,000 MEC tokens. The top 300 players across three leaderboards, called Prosperity, Prestige, and Arena, share the rewards.

Unfortunately, the team has yet to share any information about the gameplay. Looking at the released banner images, I’m reminded of League of Kingdoms. So we’ll just assume that it has similar gameplay. MOBOX has a habit of incorporating their MOMOs in the games they make, so it’s pretty safe to assume that players will be able to use their MOMOs in Clash of Moland.

What is MOBOX?

MOBOX is a gaming platform running on the Binance Chain that includes some decentralized finance elements. Though it began as a defi system, the gaming side of MOBOX has quickly grown. The site offers several games with play to earn elements, and have begun building a virtual world called MOMOverse.

Though obviously designed with mobile platforms in mind, the games can be played on desktop as well. They are all very casual, with rewards to the top players Most of the games provide opportunities for quicker advancement by spending MBOX tokens. MOMOs are used in many of the games, as well as in the MOMOverse.

In addition to the games. Owners of MBOX tokens can stake them on the site for a steady return. Players can also enter lotteries for boxes that contain MOMOs, MEC tokens (used to upgrade MOMOs), and Gems (also used to upgrade MOMOs). Players can stake MOMOs to earn even more MBOX. It’s a system that encourages feeding earnings back into it, but owners can cash out at any time. Tokens accumulate throughout the day.

With a suite of mobile-friendly games, and a growing virtual world ecosystem, MOBOX seems to have a solid foundation which they continue to build on.

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