Dungeon Universe Alpha Test Coming in December

dungeon universe alpha screenshot

The play-to-earn MMO game Dungeon Universe will open its gates to early adopters, as it will launch a closed alpha version on December 11th. To get access to the closed alpha, players will need to buy at least the $150 adventurer package.

It’s not yet clear what the closed alpha of Dungeon Universe will bring to the table. In addition we don’t know whether the items earned in the closed alpha will carry over to the full game later on.

In order the gain access to the closed alpha of Dungeon Universe, players need to buy the $150 adventure Supporter Pack. There are various packs available, but the cheapest $60 one doesn’t give access to the alpha. The novice pack lets players join during the beta somewhere in 2022.

The most expensive master pack costs $3000. However, this pack will have premium access for life, and you get to claim a piece of land, get unique companions, lots of items, and much more. If you’re bullish on the time you will spend in Dungeon Universe, it’s good to know that a premium subscription will cost $20 per month. This will give you 10% more gold and XP, and reduced fees on auction house listings, enchantments, and so on. You will also be able to create a player shop, and that’s probably the really interesting part.

Dungeon Universe will feature all the familiar gameplay elements from an MMO, offering free-to-play gameplay with the ability to win rewards for in-game activities. Players get to battle enemies, complete quests, gather resources, craft items and so on.

What is Dungeon Universe?

Dungeon Universe is an open-world MMORPG that taps into the power of the Enjin ecosystem. This means that game items are NFTs, and players can trade and sell these items as they like. This way players who put lots of time in Dungeon Universe, can gain financial benefits by selling their most valuable assets.

When it comes to available assets, there are weapons, armor, recipes, pets, resources and materials, but also player housing. You will find these items by questing, battling monsters, doing group quests, dungeons, raids, defeating world bosses, battling PVP in the arena, and so on. Obviously gamers can play the game in a guild, but also solo.

Dungeon Universe takes place in the world of Arania, where monsters now dominate. Within this dangerous world, players can setup their own shop and trade items. They can also specialize in certain services, for example to enchant weapons or assist other players in raids. Initially there will be 3 different professions, (wizard, scout and fighter), but more may be added down the line. Personally very interesting will be house ownership, which allows players to build their own cities.

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