NFTs in Film and Television – Kraptopolis and The Flash

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NFTs have long been the domain of art and PFP projects, and, more recently web3 gaming. And though there are many other use cases for NFTs, many of those projects have failed to gain any significant traction. That seems to be changing for two genres, music and film / television.

Two recent announcements about film and television projects utilizing NFTs hit the wires recently.

NFT advocates have long talked about the potential use cases for NFTs beyond games and PFPs, but aside from a few, small or very localized projects, we haven’t seen much. Gala Games launched their Gala Film and Gala Music branches in 2022, but they’re still struggling to grow their userbase.

Now we have two projects that originated with the mainstream media, but who are incorporating NFTs. One is a new animated series from Dan Harmon, the other is The Flash from Warner Brothers.

Kraptopolis banner

Krapopolis by Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon, perhaps best known for the Rick and Morty series, launched a new animated project back in 2021 that includes the use of NFTs as special passes.

This series, Kraptopolis, is set in ancient Greece. It follows an assortment of gods and humans as they try to build and run one of the first major cities.

Those interested in investing in the show can still pick up a KRAPOPOLIS Krap Chicken Fan Pass. These are available on the official mint site for 0.18 ETH. These passes open up behind the scenes videos, provide opportunities to join IRL events, lay Eggs (redeemable in the merchandise store), provide access to exclusive merchandise, and even let holders vote on elements in the show!

There have already been a dozen or more votes, ranging from choosing a type of wheel to use in the show to the color of a magic spell to which sailor gets slapped by the Kraken! Nothing really involving the storyline or direction of the show, but still an interesting way to engage with the community. Seeing your choices reflected in the show’s episodes has got to feel pretty good!

FOX originally funded the series with $100 million back in 2021. They also greenlit Kraproplois for three seasons earlier this year. The series will premiere on FOX on September 24, 2023.

Holders of Kraptopolis NFTs can vote on elements in the show

The Flash

On the other hand, we have Warner Brothers, who rather than coming at web3 from a position of strength, instead reach out in an attempt to redeem some value from one of the box office flops! Specifically, The Flash. They recently announced a sale for special The Flash NFTs. Owners of the NFT can watch the movie in 4K Ultra HD, see exclusive deleted scenes, and engage in some sort of augmented reality feature. They also receive collectible, digital artwork.

The Flash package comes in two editions, Premium and Mystery. Mystery editions cost $35, while Premium editions cost $100 with the digital collectible guaranteed to be epic or legendary. Both are limited edition.

So far only a fraction of the available NFTs have been minted. So you still have your chance to grab one! The NFTs can be purchased from the official website. They also already have the same sort of package available for both Lord of the Rings and Superman.

receive special digital collectibles with The Flash NFTs
receive special digital collectibles with The Flash NFTs
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