Ember Sword Announces Alpha Land Sale

Ember Sword Alpha land sale

Ember Sword announces a new, upcoming alpha land sale. Running in two phases, this sale offers discounted land plots to participants who want to own a slice of the Solarwood region. But to get the best discounts, you will need to have your application accepted!

Ember Sword gears up for their next land sale. Dubbed the Alpha Land Sale, this sale includes plots in the Solarwood region, a land of mountains and forests.

Land plots come in four sizes, Regular, Settlement, Town, and City. All plots also share in a global revenue pool. In addition, plot sizes of Settlement and higher can place buildings, with higher tier buildings available on the larger plots. Land owners will also receive special in-game titles based on the size of the owned plot.

Ember Sword uses IMX for their NFTs, so any purchased plots can be found there.

a city sized land plot in ember sword
become Duke or Duchess of your own city

Alpha Land Sale Details

While owning land plots is open to everyone, the larger plots require some deep pockets. Regular plots have a base cost of $80, but that scales up quickly to $800 for a settlement, $16,000 for a town, and $160,000 (that’s right 160k USD) for a City!

The sale will happen in two waves. The first wave is open only by application. Purchasers in this wave receive a 25% discount on the base price. Application submissions will remain open from July 10th through July 13th, 1pm CEST. Ember Sword is looking to reward loyal community members and players who have an interest in building and growing the game rather than those who just want to flip the land plots for profit. Successful applicants will be notified on July 21st, and have a window from the 24th to the 30th to make their purchase.

After that, land plots become a free for all grab in Wave 2. Prices for Wave 2 will be discounted by 15%. We have not been told how many total plots will be available in this sale.

All landowners receive a share of the in-game revenue. Whenever an item is purchased in-game, the seller receives 93% of the cost, with the remaining 7% split between the game studio and landowners. The landowner portion is further split into a global pool and a local pool. Landowners receive income from the global pool, and their local pool, with a higher proportion of the rewards going to the larger land plots.

Land ownership will be an important part of Ember Sword. Anyone who is serious about the game will probably want to pick up a plot.

Note: I receive a message when visiting the Ember Sword marketplace, saying that my region (U.S.) is blocked. So this land sale may not actually be open to everyone after all!

land ownership infographic for Ember Sword

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a free-to-play, open world, fantasy game currently in development. Ember Sword offers PvP in the Outlaw Zones, as well as PvE options, including multiplayer dungeons. The game promises an MMORPG experience with nation-based resources, a caravan system for transportation, collectibles, cosmetic items and more! The game also features land ownership system where land plots exist as NFTs. Land owners can upgrade their lands and earn income when players visit.

Most in-game items that provide player bonuses won’t be NFTs. However, all cosmetic collectibles will be limited edition release and also have historical records of their use and ownership, making each one truly unique! The game runs in a class-free leveling system. Skills level up as you use them, unlocking new abilities along the way, allowing players to choose their own path based on their playstyle.

Ember Sword plans to release their own token, Ember. Ember will live on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token and see use for marketplace transactions, to purchase limited use consumables, or pay for subscription services. Though Ember Sword is free to play, they plan to offer perks for those willing to pay for a subscription. This could include things such as extra bank slots, exclusive titles, and collectible airdrops.

Ember Sword also recently released the whitepaper for their game. It contains quite a lot of information about their game design philosophy, as well as details about planned gameplay. You can read it here.

To learn more about Ember Sword, visit their website and follow them on Twitter. They also release weekly updates every Wednesday on their Discord server, often showcasing new concept art and in-game screenshots.

Ember Sword concept art
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