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Ubisoft Jumps into Web3 with Champions Tactics

Champions Tactics banner

Ubisoft jumps back into the world of web3 gaming with the announcement of a new game in development called Champions Tactics. Though we know almost nothing about the game, some are already heralding it as the ‘savior’ for blockchain gaming!

This is not the first foray into web3 gaming for Ubisoft. Perhaps most notably, they added NFTs to Ghost Recon back in 2021 and received overwhelming criticism from their fan base. They received almost no NFT sales, and the project was quickly shutdown. But now they’re back, building a game specifically for web3 called Champions Tactics.

Ghost Recon NFTs
Ghost Recon NFTs

Champion Tactics will save blockchain gaming?

While Ubisoft is a big name to get involved in web3 gaming, their playerbase has not proven receptive to blockchain in the past. And Ubisoft is also notorious for loading their games with micro-transactions. So we’ll see what comes of this latest project.

We have pretty much zero information about the game. We know that it will run on the Oasys sidechain, it will run on PC with its own game client, and the official tagline describes it as, “A new PVP Tactical RPG set in the dark and mystical world of Grimoria”.

Hopefully more will be revealed soon. Keep an eye on their website and Twitter account, and join their Discord for future updates on the game.

It’s astounding to me sometimes at how little both gamers and crypto enthusiasts seem to know about the current state of web3 gaming. They are convinced that web3 gaming is nothing more than pyramid schemes, gambling sites, and click to earn type sites. Other articles about this announcement from Ubisoft often suggest how it might ‘revive interest in NFTs’ or ‘save blockchain gaming’!

While some projects may struggle, there is still plenty of interest in NFTs and the numbers for blockchain gaming continue to grow on a weekly basis. Obviously, I’m immersed in the web3 gaming scene, so my perspective is a bit skewed. But it also reveals a lack of successful marketing (though I guess it doesn’t help that very few web3 games are actually willing to ‘release’ their game — Gods Unchained is going on 5 years of beta now) and how much more potential there is for increasing the web3 playerbase!

What is Oasys?

Oasys is a relatively new blockchain that claims to be optimized for gaming. It features a proof of stake system and runs as a sidechain to Ethereum, promising zero gas fees for users. Oasys is not a decentralized blockchain however. It runs with 21 validators, all chosen by the Oasys team.

Oasys pitches itself as a blockchain for games, and they seem to be attracting some attention, with both SEGA and Ubisoft recently announcing plans to build web3 enabled games on the Oasys chain! In addition, both companies are operating as validators on the network. Among the other validators are Square Enix and YGG Guild.

To learn more about Oasys, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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