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Ember Sword Releases More Info About Land Sale

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Even though Bright Star Studios didn’t provide any dates or details about pricing, they did reveal that they’ll sell 12,000 parcels during their first land sale for Ember Sword. Buyers will be able to select pre-defined grids of land plots, which vary from a 1×1 up to roughly 20×20 parcels.

The first land sale for Ember Sword will take place in the nation of Solarwood. This area consists out of roughly 40,000 plots, of which they will sell 12,000. The smallest land parcels are simple plots, and they go up in size to become settlements, towns and cities. One land plot is approximately the size of your game screen.

Solarwood is a country with lush forests and farmable land. Players who own a plot of land, share the revenue they generate with neighboring plots. Collaboration seems to be a key thing to do for landowners. Regular plots can contain campsites, NPC houses, mineral deposits, monster spawns and so on. As a landowner, you will become a Sir or a Lady.

Last month Bright Star Studios said that the sale would take place late April at the earliest. However, May seems more likely. They said the sale would take place a few weeks after the end of the quarter.

Bigger land areas

Settlement plots are slightly different from regular plots. For example, the owner will become a Baron or Baroness. In addition these locations can become a location for travelers to gather. Players can create a store, or perhaps house a small guild. Similar to the regular plots, revenue generated on these types of plots is shared with surrounding plots. Town are even bigger, and offer a lot more options for crafting. These will also be the locations that have access to the in-game exchange. The owners of a town become an Earl or Countess.

Cities will be the biggest and most commercial areas. These busy areas offer portals to travel through, caravan trading posts and large buildings with better services. Owners will become a Duke or Duchess.

What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a cross-platform free-to-play open world fantasy MMORPG. The game promises a sandbox experience with complete player autonomy, which means that players doesn’t need to pick specific classes or roles. In addition the world of controlled by the community, and players can even own land. Bright Star Studios has planned Ember Sword for release in 2022, and it’s using the Polygon blockchain.

Players can create their own character, pick a home region, and venture into the dangerous world of Ember Sword. The game is heavy on action, underlined by a classless combat system. Players can for example defeat monsters or other players, or explore the world as a tradesman. Depending on their choices, they can become a talented refiner, or for example a craftsman of weapons.

Each region offers unique quests, monsters, and resources for crafting items. Players can use these resources or sell them in the player-driven economy.

From melee, ranged, and energy combat skills, to mining, blacksmithing, fishing, woodcutting, harvesting, and more, the many skills in Ember Sword offer near-endless activities. Each skill increases in level the more player are training. This unlocks new advancements, such as increased efficiency, new items to craft and equip, new abilities to cast, or resources to harvest.

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