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Endless Clouds Introduces Capsule Heroes

Capsule Heroes banner

Endless Clouds, the company behind Treeverse, an MMO currently in development, announced a new gaming project known as Capsule Heroes. This mobile-first, free to play, PvP game will include interactions with NFTs from the other projects in the Endless Cloud portfolio.

What began as a simple game jam project, is now being turned into a full fledged game. Named Capsule Heroes, this game from the Endless Clouds team is a free to play, PvP brawler.

Capsule Heroes will include various game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Survival. Players can join up with their friends or join solo. The game will offer a selection of character skins to choose from, and claims to be “designed for casuals, and those with a competitive spirit.” Other than that, we don’t know any details about the planned gameplay.

Endless Clouds hopes to release an alpha of Capsule Heroes later this year. They will also hold limited playtests for community members over the coming months. Capsule Heroes will be a mobile first game, with potential ports to other platforms after release.

Capsule Heroes has their own Twitter account and website to keep an eye on for further updates.

Treeverse avatars in Capsule Heroes
Timeless avatars in Capsule Heroes

What about Treeverse?

Endless Clouds promises that this new project won’t take away from Treeverse development. The team also promises that all of the NFTs in the Endless Cloud collection, including those from Treeverse, will play some role in Capsule Heroes.

Treeverse is a fantasy MMO where players own virtual land, adventure on quests, defeat bosses, craft items, and build a home on a plot of land. The team plans to lean heavily into lore creation for Treeverse, with interactive websites, stories, poems, lore-based quests, and more! Offering quick, action-based combat, Treeverse will include content for both PvE and PvP players. It will also feature a dynamic event system, with players able to affect world events by influencing the World Tree.

The Treeverse team continues to release regular development updates and peeks behind the scenes of the development process. This includes concept art, animation tests, dev blogs, and other good stuff like that. The team expects to release an alpha in Q4 of 2023. Follow Treeverse on Twitter to stay up with the latest development news.

What is Endless Clouds?

Endless Clouds is a web3 gaming company with two games currently in development. One is Capsule Heroes, a top-down, PvP brawler game. The other is Treeverse, and ambitious MMO.

They also have a PFP style NFT collection known as Timeless, and an unreleased NFT project called Baafi.

To learn more about Endless Clouds, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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