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Immutable Announces Partnership with Polygon

Immutable Polygon partnership banner

Immutable X and Polygon announced a partnership, bringing two of the biggest players in the Ethereum gaming space together in what could be a game-changing integration!

We called out Immutable X in our Games to Watch in March article earlier this month, and they have not disappointed. Their recent partnership announcement with Polygon will only serve to propel the growing Immutable ecosystem further into the spotlight.

What exactly this partnership means gets pretty technical. But in a short summary, it lets the IMX system interact with smart contracts in a more direct manner and create unique roll-ups for other developers. Up until now, Immutable has been onboarding games in a somewhat limited manner. Mostly focusing on NFT markets and token integrations. Integrating with Polygon and their zkEVM scaling solution opens the doors to bringing all Ethereum projects into the Immutable ecosystem. It will also provide additional utility and functionality for new games and developers.

A number of projects utilizing the current Immutable X offerings are already integrated into Polygon as well, so this partnership should help those developers provide a more seamless experience for their players.

If you’re interested in getting more into the tech behind this, do some research on zkRollups and specifically, Polygon’s zkEVM, as this is really the core tech feature for this partnership. This interview video also has some good information as well.

IMX Tokenomics

In addition to this big announcement, Immutable has also been slowly revealing new plans for their IMX token. They have been leaking info on what they call the IMX Upgrade on their site. So far, the basic gist of this upgrade is that the IMX token will be required for a percentage of all the fees on the platform. And it will also function as the gas for the upcoming Immutable zkEVM network, making it the native token for the entire platform.

You can learn a bit more about the IMX Upgrade on their official webpage.

IMX Upgrade info
IMX Upgrade info

The Growing Immutable Ecosystem

Aside from this new collaboration with Polygon. Immutable has steadily been adding games to their portfolio. Already including such notable games as Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, and Ember Sword, Immutable has recently added Chainmonsters and MetalCore to their ecosystem. But it’s not just for gaming NFTs. Immutable X also hosts dozens of other NFT projects.

Immutable X is introducing their Passport as a way to seamlessly onboard new players. They also recently announced their own Immutable Unity SDK and their recognition as an official Unity Verified Solution!

With this new zkEVM system they are building, designed to cross-integrate wallets, tokens, and markets, Immutable is poised to dominate the web3 gaming scene.

just a few of the projects on Immutable X
just a few of the projects on Immutable X

What is Immutable X?

Immutable X is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs. Developed as an offshoot from Gods Unchained, when the team realized that high gas fees were a major hindrance to card trading, Immutable X has grown quickly into a significant NFT marketplace.

The platform went live in 2021 and launched its token later that year. There are no gas fees when trading on IMX. However, there are ‘protocol’ fees of 2% on every trade and sometimes market fees from the projects as well. The platform supports over a dozen tokens including ETH, IMX, GODS, and GOG tokens. Most tokens for the games available on the platform can be used for purchases.

Immutable X is rapidly scaling up their portfolio of associated apps, as well as building a suite of developer tools to help integrate with their ecosystem. To learn more about Immutable X, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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