Spider Tanks Game Update and Gen2 Tanks

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Spider Tanks unleashes a new update on their players with a number of balancing tweaks and bugfixes, as well as some interesting changes to arenas and the pre-match gameplay. In addition, they reveal the first of the Gen2 tanks, the Shaman!

Spider Tanks keeps getting better and better as they bring a new patch to their playerbase, and also introduce the first of the Gen2 tanks!

These Gen2 tank parts will be cheaper than Gen1, but they all start at level 0. Once upgraded, Gen2 tank parts will be equally as capable as Gen1 parts and generate the same amount of Victory Points. It will just require a bit more effort and resources to fully upgrade them.

Players will be able to purchase Gen2 tank parts with GALA, SILK, or ETH tokens. The NFTs will be delivered on GYRI, the Gala Games network. Common parts will not be available for sale. The team promises to explain how Common parts can be acquired in the near future.

The first Generation 2 tank, is called the Shaman and the new Shaman tank parts are already available for purchase in the Gala Store. Players are free to mix and match parts when customizing their tanks.

Shaman tank parts cost
Shaman tank parts cost

The Shaman features a Railgun weapon and a Crab body. Railguns fire a single, high-powered shot. It can be charged for extra damage, but while charging up, the tank is slowed down. The Crab body offers extra armor with balanced speed and energy charge rates. The Craggy skin and Captain’s Hat provide small, general bonuses.

The next Gen2 tanks in the pipeline are the Cleric and the Warrior, though we don’t have details about their parts yet.

Game Updates

Patch 1.1.1 for Spider Tanks brings a wide selection of bug fixes and balancing changes. You can read an overview of the changes here, with the full patch notes available on their Discord server.

This patch also introduces updates to the arenas, with more destructible environmental objects, and marks left on the battlefield during matches by explosions, showing areas of heavy combat. But probably the biggest change is the ability to select your tank abilities in the match up screen before the game starts. This allows players to customize their tank abilities on the fly, making snap decisions based on the makeup of their own team and their opponents. This change should greatly increase the strategy involved, as players are no longer locked into whatever they chose before even joining the queue.

The Spider Tanks team promises that this patch is just the start and to expect many more big things for Spider Tanks over the coming months!

ability selection screen for Spider Tanks
ability selection screen

How to play Spider Tanks

Players act as Pilots in Spider Tanks. Every Pilot needs a Tank. And every Tank comes with a few parts. The most important parts are the Body and the Weapon. The Body determines how much armor your tank has, how fast it moves, and how quickly it regains Energy, which is used to trigger abilities.

Every tank will also need a Weapon. These come in many options — from a Gatling gun, to homing missiles, to healing turrets, and more! Your Tank and Weapon selections should match your planned playstyle.

On top of those, players may also equip Skins, or paint jobs for their Tanks, and equip Props. These are cosmetic items, but some do offer small bonuses as well. For those who don’t own any tanks or parts, Spider Tanks does include a rental system.

And finally, each Player can pick two Abilities for their Tank before a match. Abilities take Energy to use and have cooldowns before they can be used again. Abilities include effects like Shields, Healing, Slows, etc.

Spider Tanks features several different game modes such as Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, and Chicken Chase! And since this is a team based game, having a complementary group of tanks can make a big difference. Is someone playing a big, slow, heavy damage tank? Then maybe you can support them with healing or attacks that slow your enemies down, giving the big tank time to get into position. Or maybe you want a whole team of fast moving tanks for a capture the flag match! There is definitely a lot of room for making strategic decisions.

Matches are usually pretty quick. Tanks don’t gain levels or stats during a game. It’s all about going in with the right setup and achieving the match goals for your team. Players earn Victory Points while playing, which automatically convert to SILK tokens at the end of the day.

For more about Spider Tanks read our how to play guide, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join the Gala Games Discord.

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