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Voxie Tactics Demo Coming in Three Weeks

voxies screenshot tactical battle rpg

The NFT-powered turn-based role playing game Voxie Tactics will launch a game demo on October 22nd. At the moment the team is still working on 3D assets, including weapons, armor and other items. Voxie Tactics recently announced its migration to the Polygon blockchain, circumventing to gas fees generally associated with token transfers on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Voxie Tactics game demo is exactly what the name says, a game demo. This means that this test version will be all about the game mechanics. The team expects to move all its future smart contracts onto Polygon, making life easier for everybody involved in the community.

Voxie Tactics will be a tactical turn-based role playing game in which players battle using their Voxies NFT characters. Furthermore, players will be able to earn VOXEL tokens.

What is Voxie Tactics?

Voxie Tactics is a tactical RPG that everybody can play for free. Gamers can play against the computer by exploring the world of Voxtopia, or they can challenge their friends in the PVP Arena. There will also be contests and rewards. Voxie Tactics features true players ownership, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency and in-game NFT items. These can be sold or traded.

The developers promise ‘insanely addictive and deeply strategic turn based tactics’ that can players can enhance by using their own Voxies from the NFT project. Each character has different skills, while the game levels provide tactical benefits. There are 10 different races and 20 classes to build your team. Yes, Voxie Tactics will also feature cute little pets that add utility in both battle and exploration modes.

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