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Legacy Launches Closed Alpha Playtest

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The alpha releases and playtests opening for web3 games has been non-stop for the last half of this year. And even though the year rapidly approaches an end, we still have new alphas! One of the latest, from Legacy, a competitive business / production simulation, opened on December 12th.

Another alpha playtest to help close out the year! Unfortunately, this is a closed playtest, only open to holders of Legacy Deed NFTs. This playtest ends on Friday, December 16th. And though Deed NFTs are required to join the playtest, players will not be using their NFTs in-game during this event.

workers hauling goods in Legacy
workers hauling goods in Legacy

Legacy Alpha Playtest

This playtest should contain plenty of content, though still only a fraction of what will be available in the final release. The playtest includes, Design Competitions, Award Events, workers, factories, farms, warehouses, a bank, a research lab, cakes, burgers, and much more!

The Legacy team has built-in tons of data points into their game to help track player progress and playstyle. They have also designed the game in such a way that many adjustments and changes can be made without the need to download a client update.

The main focus for this playtest are the Events and Competitions. Events are the basic competitive feature in Legacy. Players race to see who can sell the most product or earn the most money during a given time period. Design Competitions pit players compete against other players of a similar level to design a product based on a specific theme. The entries then go up for player vote to decide the winners.

As this is a playtest, no actual rewards will be given out for these competitions. Also, players may find themselves up against the developers in this alpha, as they will be playing the game as well. And that includes the head designer, Peter Molyneux (I heard he hates losing)!

Eligible players can join the playtest on the Gala Games site. Check out the Legacy Discord for more in-depth dives into game functionality and tactics.

design interface in Legacy
design interface in Legacy

What is Legacy?

Legacy is a business simulation game where players develop and grow a business. Players start with a basic product such as a cake or burger, and then edit it to add ingredients. Each additional ingredient adds to the production cost and increases the value of the item. Players will need to find a balance between saving money and making quality products. They will also have to account for throughput from Refineries and Factories, manufacturing time, and how quickly the Delivery Van can bring the final products to their destination.

In addition, players have the option of upgrading their buildings with more storage space, or with power up cards that boost a certain production aspect. And, as players expand and construct new buildings, the number of options available to them increase as well. So there are certainly plenty of factors to consider then playing Legacy!

Players can win LegacyCoins tokens through special Events and Design Competitions. Designed by Peter Molyneux, Legacy is part of the Gala Games suite of projects.

Legacy screenshot
Legacy screenshot
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