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Voxie Tactics Reveals Season 0 Rewards

Voxie Tactics Season 0 banner

Scheduled to start the week of October 10th, Season 0 of Voxie Tactics promises rich rewards for players who can move up the ranking leaderboard. And even for those who don’t do so well, there will still be participation prizes.

Season 0 is the first official, ranked season of Voxie Tactics. This 10 week long competition uses an ELO ranking system and features two modes, Draft Arena and Extreme Arena. The top 26% of the players receive leaderboard rewards, while everyone who puts in playing time receives at least something for their participation.

We don’t have a definite date yet for the beginning of Season 0, but the roadmap slots it into the week of October 10th, possibly that Friday (the 14th).

Draft Arena and Extreme Passes

Draft Arena is mode open to all. But to compete in the Extreme Arena, you have to purchase a pass from the Voxies Marketplace first. Passes come in two forms, Gold and Diamond. Each Pass includes a special, cosmetics Goat pet, as well as a number of consumable potions. The gold Pass costs 100 VOXEL tokens, and the Diamond Pass costs 1,000. These are non-transferable.

Season 0 Extreme Passes
Season 0 Extreme Passes

The Extreme Arena holds the bulk of the leaderboard prize pool, with 1.5 million VOXEL tokens.

The Extreme Arena is the main game. Here players can use the free to play Voxies and Items, while also playing with the Voxie NFTs they own. Draft Arena restricts players to selecting and equipping their team from a random selection of Characters and Items. Then, they use that team in matches, seeing how many games they can win before they are defeated. Each player gets three lives in Draft mode. Once all your lives are gone, you have to start over with a new team.

For both modes, Champion tier is reserved for the top 100 players. Reaching Bronze tier only requires five wins during the season and playing enough to receive an ELO ranking. The top 10% of the players are considered Silver Tier, the top 5% Gold, and the top 2.5% Diamond. At the end of the Season, players receive the rewards for their current rank, plus the item rewards from all of the lower tiers! Pretty sweet!

Season 0 Rewards

So what are the rewards? They include VOXEL tokens, plus special game items. The Extreme Arena holds the bulk of the leaderboard prize pool, with 1.5 million VOXEL tokens, while the Draft Arena rewards just 500,000 tokens in total. But both modes do offer a selection of item prizes.

For the Extreme Arena, the item rewards are as follows. For first place, a unique Godly shield called Cogs of War, for Champions, a Legendary Battle Purse that provides a random Legendary item. Diamond tier players receive an Epic Battle Purse, while Gold ranked players are awarded a set of five Crystals to use in the Forge. Silver and Bronze players receive sets of Potions.

Item rewards for the Draft Arena follow the same pattern. For this battle mode, the top place finisher wins a unique, Godly helmet called the Fitful Veil.

And all of this is in addition to the normal rewards players receive while playing the game. These come from winning matches and include VOXEL tokens and sometimes NFT items.

What is Voxie Tactics?

new player team selection
new player team selection

Voxie Tactics is a turn-based, fantasy, strategic battle game where two players field teams of three characters. These characters move, fight, and cast spells across a battlefield map in an attempt to destroy the opposing team. The game features 10 different character races and 20 unique classes, each with their own powers and abilities.

Voxie Tactics is free to play, with play to earn potential starting with your first PvP match! Not only do your earn VOXELS tokens from winning matches, but you can also find NFTs. And if that NFT doesn’t fit your characters or playstyle, then you can sell it on the marketplace!

The game features an MMR ranking ladder, so more experienced players should be matched against each other, giving the new players a chance to learn the game a bit before getting stomped! Players who don’t own any Voxie NFTs can select from a list of free characters to form their team. Voxies can be equipped with a variety of items to give them stat boosts and additional abilities.

During battle, Voxies have MPs, or Movement Points, used for all in-game actions. Characters take turn performing actions. Each character also has a turn timer, so decisions must be made quickly. The player with the last character(s) still standing wins the match.

Voxie Tactics recently unveiled their Forge, letting players upgrade their equipment by burning various game items. Also, they will soon enable the renting of NFTs.

The game does not have a PvE or training feature yet. And the interface is awkward, so getting started as a new player can be a frustrating experience. But, it is free to play, so if you’re interested, head over to their website to download the game and give it a try!

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