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New, Beginner Category in Christmas VoxEdit Contest

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VoxEdit brings us another asset creation contest, this one a Christmas themed event! With the competition for these contests becoming more fierce over time, the VoxEdit team added a new, additional ‘Beginner Friendly’ category, with a smaller prize pool.

The user created assets available for The Sandbox continue to grow in number and quality. And a large part of that is due to these regular asset creation contests from VoxEdit! The creative guideline for the current contest is pretty simple — create a Christmas asset with VoxEdit.

But the team added something new this time around — a beginner friendly category! Anyone who has placed in the top 5 in any of the previous three VoxEdit contests cannot enter the Beginner Friendly category. This is a nice addition, as the competition for these contests has heated up over the past year. Not only are there more entries than before, but the quality of submissions has also noticeably increased!

The rewards for the beginner category are much less than the regular category, so hopefully we won’t have many folks trying to cheat the system!

The regular category offers 15,000 SAND tokens for the winners, split among the top ten entries.

1st place: 6,000 SAND
2nd place: 3,500 SAND
3rd place: 2,000 SAND
4th to 10th place: each receives 500 SAND

Hopefully new creators will feel more comfortable making submissions For the Beginner Friendly category. Rewards for this category are 5,000 SAND tokens, split among the top entries.

1st place: 1,500 SAND
2nd place: 1,000 SAND
3rd place: 750 SAND
4th to 10th place: each receives 250 SAND

Submissions open on December 20th and close on December 23rd, at 11:59pm UTC. Entry review and voting run from December 24th to January 6th, with the final results announced on January 14th.

For anyone new to VoxEdit, I highly recommend watching the weekly live stream with PandaPops where she works on Sandbox assets in VoxEdit, taking suggestions from the audience while showing her process and best practices.

General Entry Guidelines

Though the creative aspect of entries is pretty open ended, there are some specific guidelines for contestants. The submissions must be original content, not violate any copyright laws, not include any inappropriate content, and be created within the VoxEdit software.

The entry should not include more than 5000 faces or 175 nodes. Maximum size is 512 voxels (equivalent to about 16 meters in game size) in any direction. Participants must create a GIF of the animated asset, tweet the GIF using the #VoxEditWeekly hashtag and mentioning @VoxEdit@TheSandboxGame, and fill out and submit the official contest form (Regular Category Form | Beginner Friendly Category Form).

Read the official blog post for the full details.

About VoxEdit

VoxEdit is the official asset editor for The Sandbox. It is a voxel-based editor with quite a few tools that support animated, as well as static assets. Creators can upload their creations for use in experiences in The Sandbox. Quality content creators can also receive permission to sell their assets as NFTs on the Sandbox marketplace.

VoxEdit is easy to learn, with plenty of options available to allow for the creation of complex objects. It also comes with predefined creature and humanoid assets that users can work with to build their own people and creatures that will integrate seamlessly into experiences in The Sandbox.

The VoxEdit software is completely free to download and use! If you have any interest in building with VoxEdit, then you should definitely consider participating in the contests. Join their Discord and follow their Twitter for the latest announcements.

VoxEdit in action
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