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Koakuma Beta Video Review

Koakuma is a brand new ARPG on the Polygon and BNB Smart Chain Blockchains, and it just released its beta for the public. In this review, I will show some of the AAA gameplay and graphics and cover what is known regarding the web3 layer of Koakuma.

How to play Koakuma?

Koakuma is listed on the Elixir platform, which is a platform where players can access other web3gaming titles like EFAS for example. To play it:

  1. Go to Elixir’s official website
  2. Create an account
  3. Install the desktop app
  4. Find Koakuma
  5. Install it
Elixir's platform
Elixir’s platform

About The Project

Koakuma is a web3 fantasy ARPG where players go into instances to fight monsters and defeat bosses, which then will drop loot. Amongst this loot players might find armor, weapons, runes, and skins, which might also be NFTs.

These later can be used in-game or sold on a secondary market for profit. In these same secondary markets, players can also find access passes which will give early access to the game, access to tournaments, and other perks. Besides the access passes, there are also bundles that include an access pass being sold in Ultra.

Access Pass being sold for 1 $BNB
Access Pass being sold for 1 $BNB

In the future, this web3game, like many other identical projects, will have a dual token economy with the $KKMA, the governance token, and the $BOD, the utility token accordingly to their litepaper.

Personally, when it comes to gameplay, I think it is the most enjoyable ARPG in Web3 so far.