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Axes: Battleground Official Release

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Axes Metaverse makes their first official release with Axes: Battleground, a top-down, fantasy themed, PvP, battle royale brawler. Axes: Battleground will offer seasonal rewards, with the first season slated to begin on November 16th.

The first season of Axes: Battleground doesn’t officially start until November 16th, but players can download the game and get some practice in now.Axes: Battleground offers versions for PC and both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Once the season starts, players earn points based on their success in matches. The top 200 players on the leaderboard at the end of the season earn prizes in the form of BUSD (the stable token for Binance chain) tokens. First place earns 180 tokens ($180), second place 135, and third place 100. They scale downward from there to $10 for those who finish in 11th to 100th place, and 5$ for the remaining 100. Season one ends on November 30th.

Axes: Battleground is free to play. To be eligible you’ll need to signup on their webpage and link your wallet. This is done on the markets page. If you see a black screen when visiting, try reloading the page. The game connects to the Binance Chain for tokens and NFTs,

fight for coins in Axes: Batteground
fight for rewards and glory in Axes: Batteground

Axes: Battleground Gameplay

Axes: Battleground is a top-down PvP game with non-targeted attacks. So dodging, timing, and movement are important to success. Axes: Battleground is a battle royale style game, last player standing, with a red wave of death creeping in from the sides.

During matches players gather glowing orbs and fight other players, gaining experience along the way. As players gain levels, they are given a choice of three upgrades to choose from. These can be stat boosts or new skills. But these are just temporary levels and bonuses for that match. Players can also upgrade heroes outside of combat to give them permanent bonuses. Upgrade a hero all the way to level 10 and you get a new copy of the Hero at the next higher rarity!

Heroes have limited energy, and can’t be used when their energy runs out. But players can use many different heroes. Players can also find potions that allow them to restore a Hero’s energy. These potions are NFTs, so they can be sold to other players.

There are several different classes and races available, allowing for some differing playstyles. Each Hero can also be equipped with up to four items. Upgrading equipment requires burning items of the same type and rarity. Luckily, players receive a number of game tokens when they start, allowing them to purchase chests containing random items and heroes. This gives new players a chance to start out with some equipment and even level up a hero or two before heading into the fray.

Players can use their NFT heroes or a selection of free to play heroes.

Axes Metaverse

Axes plans to build a series of games, including a tactical, squad based combat game, and something more grandiose with battles over kingdoms and castles. They also plan to implement a mining service for those holding Hero NFTs, allowing them to passively earn game tokens.

The game tokens and mining service have not yet been launched.

Future plans for Battlegrounds include the ability to craft NFT items, a rental system, and kingdom based land ownership.

To learn more about Axes Metaverse and Battleground, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

an Axes Hero
an Axes Hero
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