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Burn Pet NFTs in Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension Beadol event banner

The Gates of Hela have opened and players have a chance to offer their Pets as sacrifice for a chance to capture a rare Beadol! Dropped as surprise with no prior announcment, this limited time event only lasts a few days!

This was supposed to be an extremely limited time, surprise, Halloween event. However, some technical difficulties arose, so the Champions Ascension team decided to leave the Gates open for a few days. For this event, players have a chance to set a trap to try and catch a rare Beadol. Beadols are small, bird-sized demons that are known for stealing small objects. Players who capture one receive a Beadol NFT.

How to Trap a Beadol

Trapping Beadols requires adding Pets to the trap as bait. Players add one or more Pets, each one increasing the chance of success, up to a maximum of 90%. Any Pets put into the trap are burned forever! Successful traps capture a Beadol Pet. Unsuccessful traps result in an ash NFT. Interestingly, there are several different types of ash NFTs! The use for these ashes has not yet been revealed to us.

Certain types of Pets or Pet Traits offer additional point value and greater chances for a successful trap. The selection of bonus options changes every day at 5pm PST. The Overlords are fickle, so no one knows what sort of tasty Pet treats they may prefer from one day to the next. Players may only set one trap per day, so make the most of your chances!

Is this event happening because the team felt there were too many Champions Ascension Pets in existence? Or maybe this was just a way to offer a special Halloween prize while also increasing the rarity of existing pets? Either way, quite a few Pets have already been sacrificed, but less than two dozen Beadol found so far. Will you add your Pets to the pyre for a chance at this rare catch? To participate, head over to

What is Champions Ascension?

Champions Ascension is an upcoming, gladiatorial combat game built inside a virtual world. Though the 3D combat was the original selling point, and the centerpiece of the game, Champions Ascension is also building an open world around it. One where players can walk around and interact, that includes crafting, breeding, land ownership, an in-game marketplace, a staking system, mini-games, and more!

Champions Ascension held an initial sale of Prime Eternals in early 2022. With only 7,622 in existence, Prime Eternals grant many benefits that other characters won’t receive. This includes guaranteed land mints, special breeding options, early access, and, recently released, an airdrop of Pet NFTs. Prime Eternals are generative NFTs with varying attributes that function as in-game characters and as profile picture NFTs.

Champions Ascension is currently running regular game previews for Prime Eternal NFT holders. These events, known as Slice of Massina, offer various mini-games. Play games in the game world to win tickets and purchase special items.

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