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Play to Earn Games to Watch in November

October has come to an end. And though Halloween has passed, many games are still offering special, limited time Halloween events. So be sure to check the Twitter and Discord accounts for your favorite play to earn games to see if you still have an opportunity to participate. But for this article, we’re looking forward. Specifically to the month of November.

November brings more alphas and beta updates. But perhaps the biggest news in the play-to-earn field of gaming is the official launch of Spider Tanks!

Spider Tanks

Spider tanks launched on October 31st. This is an official game launch for this tank-based MOBA. From now on, everything the players do in-game matters. Ranks will be gained and lost, SILK will be won, and Spider Tanks Node owners generate income by helping to host the matches.

Spider Tanks wants to build itself into a competitive, eSport game with ongoing, MMR rankings, regular tournaments, and a world cup finale every year to determine who is the best Spider Tanks team around! The game is free to play, though those who own their own Tanks and Weapons can earn more rewards.

Spider Tanks screenshot
Spider Tanks battle

Phantom Galaxies

In early November, Phantom Galaxies plans to launch a new event called Astrafite Rush. Only available to those who complete the first three missions, this event gives players a chance to mine asteroids for Astrafite, and earn ASTRAFER token in return. Players must own a Phantom Galaxies NFT to play, but the cheapest go for only a couple of dollars. Players pilot ships and mechs in this space-based, story-driven MMO.

Astrafite Rush banner
Phantom Galaxies Astrafite Rush event

Aurory Project

Aurory Project adds new play and earn leaderboards to their closed alpha. This turn-based, creature battling game also resent everyone’s MMR rating to provide a fresh start for everyone. This is just the first phase of this play and earn game, with plans to build out a larger world with dungeons to explore, land to own, and items to find. Aurory is free to play.

Aurory banner

Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension has been regularly opening their servers for a few hours at a time in what they call, a Slice of Massina. These world previews, open to anyone holding a Champion NFT, allow players to use their NFT as their in-game avatar and participate in a number of in-world mini-games. Players earn tickets from winning games, and can then spend those tickets for special items.

The Champions Ascension team continues to release updates and new game activities as they build more of their world.

Champions Ascension crab racing
Crab Racing, a mini-game in Champions Ascension

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia just released a major patch titled Deeper Depths. With additional resources, items, creatures, and more, this patch offers something new for even the most veteran player. Mines of Dalarnia is also free to play.

Mines of Dalarnia Crystal Caverns
new Crystal Caverns
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