Astrafite Rush Event for Phantom Galaxies

Astrafite Rush banner

Even before the launch of their latest Episode, Phantom Galaxies was promising a special, play and earn event titled ‘Astrafite Rush’. After some initial delays, an official launch date for this event has been announced, as well as details about how to earn ASTRAFER tokens as rewards.

The day is nearly up on us. The great Astrafite Rush event in Phantom Galaxies is scheduled to go live on November 4th at 12am UTC. In this event, players compete to mine Astrafite and defeat enemies from the new faction, Fire Dancer pirates.

Astrafite Rush Event

Astrafite Rush infographic
Astrafite Rush infographic

The Astrafite Rush event runs in a series of six Cycles. Each one lasting for one week. At the end of every Cycle, players must visit the official Phantom Galaxies website to save their progress. Players can also view their status and current rewards on the webpage as well.

Each Cycle features a leaderboard, with players ranked based on how quickly they completed the event objectives. Everyone in the top 150,000 spots receives rewards. First off, players receive ASTRAFER tokens based on their placement. Secondly, everyone in the top 150K receives 1 ASTRAFER per Cycle if the community goals are met. And finally, Planet holders receive a bonus multiplier based on the Planet(s) they own. The bonuses from owning multiple Planets do stack together.

Astrafite is found in asteroids, with a special ‘Starlight’ asteroid appearing each cycle which contains huge amounts of the ore. Asteroids have a finite Astrafite supply that replenishes with each Cycle. However, asteroids will also have their locations changed between Cycles, giving everyone equal opportunity at finding them.

Fire Dancers are a new Pirate faction that will arrive with this update. Players score points for every Fire Dancer ship they destroy. Defeating Pirates from other factions won’t count towards the leaderboard for this event, but it still may provide a sense of accomplishment!

Players must complete the first three Episodes of content in Phantom Galaxies before they can participate in the Astrafite Rush event! So if you haven’t already finished those Episodes, you might want to download the game and get started!

Playing in the closed alpha requires ownership of any Origin NFT, but there are plenty of inexpensive options available.

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is a first-person, open-world, space sim, mech shooter, RPG. Players take the role of Space Rangers who pilot Mechanized Starfighters. These vehicles function as typical fighter spaceships, but they also transform into Mech robots that can fight in space and on the surface of planets!

Phantom Galaxies mech art
Phantom Galaxies mech art

During the game, players engage in Missions, the long-form, story arc of the game, and Quests, one-off scenarios. Also available are Operations (daily quests) and Raids or team-based objectives. The farther away players venture from the core, the more dangerous the missions, and the better the loot. Fly far enough out, and you reach the ‘Rebel Sectors’. Here players compete with each other to gain control of various bases and resource points. Once captured, players stake governance tokens to their holdings and earn a steady stream of rewards — for as long as they can maintain control.

Starfighters unlock as players progress through the story. Featuring a resource harvesting and crafting system, Phantom Galaxies allows players to upgrade Starfighters and even build them from scratch! Starfighters suffer durability damage and require repair every once in a while. But be careful. Losing a ship while in a Rebel Sector could be permanent! Phantom Galaxies also includes Avatar NFTs that level up, Arena PvP, property ownership (from space stations to planetary bases to entire planets!), and support for guilds.

Though still in alpha testing, Phantom Galaxies already features high-quality graphics, a slick interface, and detailed gameplay.

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