War Park Origin NFT Sale

War Park Tiger sale banner

War Park, a new, tank-based MOBA game in development, is holding their first NFT sale on October 6th. This sale will be for Tiger I Tanks, and once they are gone, no more of this type will be made! Owning a tank NFT provides various bonuses in-game and also opens opportunities for rental income.

In War Park, Tanks cannot be crafted. Either you purchase one from a sale or the secondary markets, or you play with the free-to-use, common Tanks that are available to everyone. But, if you plan on playing War Park on a regular basis, you might want to consider investing in a Tank.

The first Tank sale for War Park is coming up on October 6th at 3pm EST.

This sale consists of 12,400 Tiger I Tanks. Common Tanks are not for sale. Instead, they are the free version that anyone can use in-game. Higher rarities offer a small boost to power, increased earnings, as well as extra slots for gear, crew, and/or consumables. Players need to gain Mastery points in specific Tanks in order to make full use of all their perks and slots.

This sale will occur on the new Open Loot platform at . (note: You may need to complete KYC requirements to use this platform, so make sure to get your account setup ahead of time).

Prices range from $39 for an uncommon Tank to $639 for a mythic. Users can make purchases with a credit card, with BTX or ETH, or by depositing USDC.

Also during this sale, purchasers of Tiger I Tanks will receive an early access pass for the alpha release.

War Park Tiger tank distribution chart
War Park Tiger Tank distribution chart

What is War Park?

War Park is a team-based brawler game with Tanks. War Park will be free to play, but owning a Tank provides resource bonuses. Various game modes such as deathmatch, king of the hill, and capture the flag.

War Park does promise dynamic maps that change over the course of a battle. How this actually plays out in-game remains to be seen. But, this could be a very interesting feature if done well.

War Park follows the standard model of playing matches, earning experience, and completing quests. Players unlock new Tanks, Crew, etc as they level up. And they win tokens ($CRUDE in this case) and Resources from playing and then use those to upgrade Tanks as well as craft new Crew and Gear. Crew can be leveled up and converted into NFTs, offering a play-to-earn path for even free-to-play players.

War Park plans to include a rental system right from the start, allowing Tank NFT owners a chance to rent out their Tanks for passive income. Players will also have a base of operations that they improve and level up as they play the game. Presumably, this will be used for storage, crafting, customization, and that sort of thing.

Though the amount of detailed information about War Park is sparse, the team is having an AMA this Friday, October 7th, at 1PM Pacific/3PM Central on their Discord server.

War Park gameplay loop
War Park gameplay loop
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