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Human Park Playground Test

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Human Park prepares to open a limited test of their Playground, giving players a chance to see and test the updated character movements and new animations for this MMO experience.

On November 21st, at 5pm PDT, the doors open to a special Playground test for Human Park. The event is open to all, but with a limited capacity. Only the first 64 who join will be allowed to participate.

This playtest is for PC only. You will need to download the launcher and set up an account with Epic games (it’s free).

This is basically a tech test to see how the team’s recent updates to player animations and movements are working. Players will be able to engage in games such as tag and hide-n-seek, or just hang out and pull off some sweet parkour moves.

There are no rules. So feel free to run around, jump, and yes, twerk, as much as you want, wherever you want! With horse headed avatars, dinosaurs, nudity, and various animations, it feels certain that some ‘interesting’ shenanigans will occur. But the Human Park team does stress self-expression quite a bit!

Three participants of the playtest will be rewarded with a Nood Avatar NFT.

the dance floor in Human Park

What is Human Park?

Human Park describes itself as ‘playground where your identity drives the experience.’ Their whitepaper also talks about storytelling in gaming, and allowing room for self-exploration by the players, though the details are pretty vague.

We do know that Human Park will run in a series of seasons. Each Season will have Icons, or seasonal skins. Players can equip these Icons to assume a role in the current season. Icons may unlock special stories, areas, or other game features. Season zero occurs in a cyberpunk themed world.

The game also features Obelisks, items that hold special NFTs inside of them. Some of these items are called Wayfinders, referred to as the ‘activation devices’ of Human Park. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it sounds important!

It feels like Human Park wants to be a story based MMO with a heavy focus on socialization and character customization.They also talk often about player involvement in shaping and guiding the game, but it’s unclear how that will evolve.

The game will be free to play, with customizable avatars, or Noods. Yes, the avatars begin nude. And boobs are an option, but the avatars have no genitalia. Or a face for that matter! But, there are a couple of wearables already, and I’m sure the customization options will continue to expand in the future. The first wave of Human Park wearables sold out, but you can see what’s available on Open Sea. This first collection includes a few different costumes, including dinosaur outfits and a backpack.

There isn’t a lot of detailed information about what sort of activities will be available in Human Park. All the documentation talks in every general terms. But, it feels like Human Park won’t offer the standard level and stat advancement that we expect with MMOs. Instead it seems there will be special wearables and badges that let players show their accomplishments, while also displaying their personality through their avatar.

To learn more about Human Park, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Human Park
Human Park
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