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War Riders Garage Sale

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Everyone needs a place to park their vehicle after spending all day battling across the wastelands. And for War Riders, that place is a Garage. Soon, players will be able to earn their own piece of a Garage, and earn passive income from visiting players.

War Riders map with Garages

Property ownership in the form of Garage Titles, comes soon to War Riders. Sometime after the Ethereum merge, potentially in October. For this Garage sale, players will be able to purchase portions of in-game Garages. Known as Garage NFT Property Titles, or NFTPT, these NFTs have a renewal term, defining how long they can earn. Once the term expires, the owner must pay a fee of BZN to reactivate it.

The info released from the team talks about different rarities, though it’s no clear how that works. Something about renewal costs maybe?

Garages earn income by taking a fee from all BZN tokens brought to that Garage. Earnings are shared among all owners for that Garage. The Garage NFT sale will work on a bonding curve — meaning that each NFT sold increases the price of the next. Or sometimes the curve works in batches. We should get more details about the sale over the coming weeks.

In addition, a couple of quality of life improvements should arrive in an update in the near future. These include a mini-map, as well as flip over feature, allowing players to get unstuck when their vehicles end up upside down. Flip Kits will cost a small fee in BZN tokens.

a few War Riders vehicles

What is War Riders?

War Riders is a vehicle-based, massive multiplayer shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic wastelands. Players drive a variety of vehicles, from cars to war tanks to hovercraft. Various points around the map produce Benzene (BZN), the game currency, throughout the day, waiting for players to collect it. Some BZN stations are fixed, offering strategic locations for players to attempt to control. Other BZN sources are Ephermeral, and appear in random locations around the map for a limited time. Players can also steal tokens from other players.

But no matter how much BZN a player collects, they will need to return to a Garage at some point to stash and save their tokens.

The game runs on the Ethereum network, and Benzene is a blockchain token, allowing for play to earn opportunities by accumulating and selling BZN tokens. BZN is also deflationary, with 30% of the fees burned with each transaction in the official store.

Players can personalize their vehicles with custom logos, and color choices. And, of course, there are a variety of different weapon loadouts as well. If a vehicle is destroyed, it goes into cooldown mode and can’t be used again for a while. The game is free to play, though the NFT vehicles and weapons are much more powerful than the default, free options.

For more on War Riders, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server. You can also watch our War Riders video review with Bruno to see War Riders in action!

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