War Park Community Build Playtest in December

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War Park, a upcoming tank-based, MOBA style game, announces an upcoming community playtest in mid-December. This gameplay preview is open to most of their existing community, and they will hold giveaways to give new players a chance to join as well.

What’s this? Another tank-based, multiplayer, online, battle, arena game? Why yes, yes it is!

But rather than the futuristic, robotic, fantasy tanks of Spider Tanks, War Park is going for more of a real-life, simulation feel. They love their historical tanks and you can see quite a bit of discussion around them on their Discord.But, of course, for gameplay purposes, this isn’t a true life simulation. Rather it’s a battle game with historically accurate tank models.

some of the tanks that will be in War Park
some of the tanks that will be in War Park

War Park Community Playtest

This first playtest runs from December 16th through December 18th. Exact start and end times have not yet been announced.

The playtest is pretty open to pretty much everyone who has been part of their community before this. Anyone holding a Tank or Corps Pass, or in the Vanguard or Day 1 Commander groups. So, that’s anybody in the Discord server with the @Origin Commander, @Special Forces, @The Corps , @Vanguard, and @Day 1 Commander roles. War Park plans to run giveaways and competitions over the next couple of weeks as well, to give new players a chance at earning a Corps Pass before the playtest.

Those with access to the playtest will receive an email with a download link and more information on the 16th. The team also plans to release more details about gameplay and what to expect from this playtest before it launches.

The team doesn’t promise full gameplay, but they do promise fun! This playtest is just about jumping into a game, roaming around in a tank and blowing stuff up. And the blowing stuff up should be extra fun, as War Park promises destructible terrain! The way the game has been described makes it sound fairly action packed as well. So it should be a good time!

War Park is eager to hear feedback from the playtest participants. They will open a special bug reporting forum on Discord and the team will be active on their social channels during the event.

War Park early build screenshot
War Park early build screenshot

What is War Park?

War Park is a team-based brawler game with Tanks. War Park will be free to play, but owning a Tank provides resource bonuses. It includes various game modes such as deathmatch, king of the hill, and capture the flag.

War Park promises dynamic maps that change over the course of a battle. How this actually plays out in-game remains to be seen. But, this could be a very interesting feature if done well.

War Park follows the standard model of playing matches, earning experience, and completing quests. Players unlock new Tanks, Crew, etc as they level up. And they win tokens ($CRUDE in this case) and Resources from playing and then use those to upgrade Tanks as well as craft new Crew and Gear. Crew can be leveled up and converted into NFTs, offering a play-to-earn path for even free-to-play players.

War Park plans to include a rental system right from the start, allowing Tank NFT owners a chance to rent out their Tanks for passive income. Players will also have a base of operations that they improve and level up as they play the game. Presumably, this will be used for storage, crafting, customization, and that sort of thing.

To learn more about War Park, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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