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Green Rabbit Halloween Event

Green Rabbit Halloween banner

A year ago, Green Rabbit hosted their first game event. To celebrate that occasion and have a little Halloween fun, Green Rabbit is hosting a new event this year. This event sees players forage for SOL tokens, and then use those tokens to purchase special packs. It also includes new game cosmetics for players and apartments.

Green Rabbit completed their crafting tree with the introduction of Armor Fusion not long ago. But, while the main focus now is on expanding and improving their 3D world and racing game, Green Rabbit wants to bring their Halloween event to both the 2D and 3D aspects of their game.

Halloween Foraging and Special Customizations

For the 2D portion of the game, this event offers limited time, Halloween Foraging missions. Successful completion of these missions yield SOL tokens, used to purchase the new Halloween packs. Any level Forager can embark on the lowest level mission, but venturing out into the Tier II or Tier III Halloween missions will require a Forager of level 40, and 50, respectively.


The Halloween packs can only be purchased with SOL tokens. They include Halloween Forager packs (holding one random Forager), Trick or Treat packs (containing random items), and a special, ‘One of Everything’ pack, which includes one copy of each of the Halloween Foragers.

Each of the Halloween Forager NFTs will be limited to 50 copies. Forty-seven (47) of those will be regular versions, while 3 of each will be extra special, sketch versions. These Foragers will be of Epic rarity, though the Green Rabbit team promises something different in regards to their stats. The Halloween Foragers will be able to forage at any time, not just during special events.

But fans of the 3D game won’t need to feel left out. Four Halloween skins will also be available, as well as a number of Halloween-themed apartment decorations. These will be available for Tortuga Tokens at the game market in the 3D Social Hub.

Green Rabbit skins in the game shop
Green Rabbit skins in the game shop

In addition, we will soon see a new player customization slot, the “Back Piece”. As you might guess, this lets players equip special cosmetic items that appear on the player’s back during the game. We don’t have any details about what sort of new cosmetic, back items we will see first, but the team promises to give a free back item to everyone who makes a purchase of Tortuga Tokens after the Halloween event starts.

The start date for this event has not yet been announced. Follow Green Rabbit on Twitter and Discord to be the first to know.

What is Green Rabbit?

Green Rabbit is a 3D racing game and social hub built on the Wax blockchain. Players wear special Anima Armor and compete in racing events known as Ultra-Anima. Equipped in special, crafted Anima-Armor, racers seek to prove their worth in this contest. Winners receive prizes which could include the game currency Shellinium, NFTs, and other game resources.

Green Rabbit features a multi-layered crafting system. Players stake NFTs to earn Shellinium (SHELL), the official Green Rabbit token. With that Shellinium and various NFTs, players craft Greenprints, and from those Greenprints, Anima-Armor. Crafting armor requires completing six components, Boots, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Helmet.

The Green Rabbit Social Hub allows players to queue for races, purchase skins from the game market, decorate their apartments, and just hang out. The game is currently in alpha and free to play.

Green Rabbit race screenshot
race for prizes
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