A First Look at the SinVerse

SinVerse banner

Billing itself as a “Rated R” metaverse, SinVerse offers a combination of Grand Theft Auto Online and Decentraland. Featuring an open world with customizable land plots, SinVerse is ready to bring random violence, cursing, and yes, boobs, to their metaverse!

SinVerse seeks to meld the gaming worlds of Grand Theft Auto, where players tote guns, have shoot-outs with cops, and perform various criminal activities for money and status, with Decentraland, a player-constructed virtual world featuring shops, art displays, and virtual events such as musical shows.

Land Ownership in SinVerse

SinVerse map and land info
SinVerse map and land info

In Sinverse, players own land plots throughout the city — 15,000 plots across 17 Districts. Each District is associated with a specific faction and contains unique resources or boosts. Players can build on their land plots and open businesses if they have purchased the appropriate licenses. And really, nothing could be more relatable in adult-themed game than making the players take care of their paperwork!

Though SinVerse is heavily promoting their GTA vibe, they also want their virtual world to be a place for events and gatherings. In order to facilitate that, some of the Districts are Safe Zones and free from direct PvP.

SinVerse has partnered with Vulcan Verse to help develop their game. They have also partnered with a group called SugarBounce, which plans to operate an in-game, adult entertainment center in the Red-Light District. Whether this will actually be an active user hang-out or just a hub for external links remains to be seen. Will there be in-game avatars taking off their clothes?

It appears that plot construction won’t be a complete free-for-all. Players will have to gather resources in-game in order to construct the materials they need for their buildings. This could lead to an in-game economy where some players just run around trying to scavenge resources to sell to other players. And potentially a builder market, where land owners pay someone else to erect their in-game buildings!

SinVerse already sold some land plots, but the web-based purchasing interface is currently closed while the in-game marketplace is being developed. Once active, the in-game market will host all the trades for lands, licenses, and NFTs.

What Else Do We Know About SinVerse?

SinVerse is a bit light on game details at the moment. And some of the info we do have may be out of date. For example, their website claims that they will be on the MATIC network while their SIN token and land plots are on the Binance Chain.

But, they do currently have a playable demo available. This demo lets players wander around, try out their aim at the shooting range (or at each other), and also gives land owners a first chance to test out the plot customization features. The team promises to open more Districts, implement vehicles, and add more mini-games in the near future. They recently released a teaser video showing house building in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is a safe zone. Here you may find art shows or events that provide stat boosts to characters that attend. But there is still a dark underbelly. Silicon Valley landowners can join the Nighthawk faction and set up a cybercrime business or peddle goods on the dark web.

There is some potential here with SinVerse, but will the allure of boobs be enough to keep their player base entertained? They talk of a play to earn economy but don’t provide any details. Presumably, there will be some sort of selection of missions available. Is it going to be a battle pass style system? Daily missions? Player-created missions? What happens when I die? Is there looting? Item durability? Supposedly the ultimate goal is to become a kingpin, but how does one accomplish that? Is there an application? How will the game’s tokenomics function?

Plenty of questions. Unfortunately, with few answers. But, since their roadmap has the initial launch of SinVerse in Q4 of 2022, I guess we will soon see! Hopefully, the SinVerse team will provide an updated whitepaper and/or some detailed articles about the actual gameplay before then.

But in the meantime, you can head over to their webpage and try out the demo. Follow them on Twitter and join their Discord for more info.

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