OliveX Partners with The Sandbox to Expand the Fitness Metaverse

The Sandbox x OliveX Partnership

OliveX is a Hong Kong-based digital fitness company that rewards players with NFTs and cryptos on completing their workout and fitness-based game missions. The company has partnered with The Sandbox to create a new space in the metaverse. The collaboration will help promote new and upcoming fitness brands and introduce innovative products to the young population.

Recently, The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 was launched, including an NFT avatar project with Gym Aesthetics, a brand partner of OliveX. Players can use avatars powered by Gym Aesthetics Wellness and roam around the world. The Gym metaverse aims to motivate users to improve their daily lifestyle and maintain fitness. Those holding a Gym Aesthetic NFT can earn up to 60 SAND tokens extra in rewards at the end of Alpha Season 3. 

The Sandbox has recently seen many developments and partnerships in the sports field, such as the Nikeland metaverse. In addition, fitness brands are increasingly moving towards the web3 domain as it could boost their advertising by reaching the fitness-oriented young audience.

OliveX Partnerships and Investments

OliveX metaverse has partnered with The Sandbox to provide exposure to its brand partners Trib3Gym Aesthetics, and Playinnovation. Through this partnership, the partner companies of OliveX would be able to launch their products on the Sandbox Metaverse. 

OliveX Partnerships

The company is also trying to bring AR gamification to fitness by investing in location-based AR move-to-earn game developer DEFY. The DEFY launched their first token recently and sold their first NFTs on PolkaStarter. OliveX aims to invest in more such web3 companies in the future.

OliveX has also invested in Silentmode Limited’s Breathonics app, which adds a key component to your workout routine. Breathonics is a mental health training app with custom meditation music for up to 15 minutes. The app has the same vision (fitness ecosystem) as OliveX’s, which is why OliveX invested in it. In addition, they have also invested in the Dustland Runner blockchain game, the world’s first audio fitness game. In the game, players are rewarded based on distance, not performance. Rewards include exclusive NFTs and Dose Tokens.

Dustland Runner is available to download on Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and App Store

What is OliveX?

The OliveX fitness metaverse is a platform that enables gamified fitness experiences on the blockchain in partnership with fitness brands. OliveX projects allow players to receive cryptos and NFTs as rewards. 

The company aims to develop and invest in move-to-earn blockchain games and create a fitness metaverse. The utility token of all OliveX games is DOSE. Players receive $DOSE on completing workout-based gameplay in OliveX partner games such as Dustland Runner and Dustland Rider. It also allows holders to purchase NFTs and participate in special game modes.

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