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Play the Mini Rocket Mission Tournament and Earn Pocket Space WL Spots

Fractal x Pocket Space Partnership

Pocket Space is a space-fantasy free-to-play blockchain game that just launched a Mini Rocket Mission tournament in partnership with Fractal. Players can earn whitelist spots and free mints by participating in the tournamend. The Mini Rocket Mission started on September 26, 2022, at 8 AM PT and will run for three days. 

About Mini Rocket Mission Tournament

The Mini Rocket Mission is a Pocket Space Tournament that will be hosted on the Fractal platform. Players having a Fractal wallet will be eligible to participate in this tournament. 

During the tournament, players will land on a tiny planet with a rocket with depleted resources. Then, players have to walk around and gather resources to expand their territory. On expanding territories, players will be able to gather more resources. Then, you have to fight with enemies and protect your land. Finally, you need to bring these resources to your rocket to level up. The players are ranked on the Fractal leaderboard based on Rocket level and the time taken to build the rocket. You can read about the scoring system here.

The tournament will run for three days and end on September 29, 2022, at 8 AM PT. To participate in this tournament, you can visit the Fractal website and click on the “Play Now” button.

The prizes for the Mini Rocket Mission include a free mint for the top 15 players at the end of a tournament. In addition, the 16th to 516th ranked players will receive a Gold WL each that allows unlimited mints, and the remaining players on the leaderboard will receive a Silver WL for the upcoming mint.

Pocket Space Alpha Gameplay

How to access the Pocket Space game?

The current closed alpha version of the Pocket Space game is available for Android and iOS users. The game can be downloaded from Google Play and iOS App store. You can also download the APK from their official website. However, the PC or Web version will be released later.

The game is still developing, so players may encounter some bugs in this alpha version. Players can report bugs by visiting the #bug-report channel of the Alpha Discord Server and describe the bug by adding screenshots or videos.

What is Pocket Space?

Pocket Space is a blockchain sandbox idle game being developed by Hexacore and Estoty Studios with building and crafting elements. The game allows players to roam around in space and visit distant planets where they can engage in PvP battles and earn rewards. Pocket Space contains NFT Galaxies owned by players where they can extract resources alone or invite friends. 

There are dungeons full of resources and valuable NFTs. Players can unlock more planets, buildings, characters, and activities by leveling up. The Alpha version of the game was released in August this year.

Pocket Space Game

The governance token POCKETSPACE can be used for voting in governance decisions, payments on native NFT marketplaces, staking tokens for access to NFT drops and challenges, and payment of game mechanics fees. The token will also function as a regular currency and can be exchanged for resources. Players can receive keys for chests and recipes by exchanging the governance token. The total number of tokens issued is 200 million.

Pocket Space Roadmap

Q3 2022: The closed alpha and launch of the internal community test take place. A smart contract audit will be carried out, and the Pocket Space marketplace will be launched.

Q4 2022: The Public test will be launched along with a bounty and airdrop. The developers will carry out stress testing and add more stabilization and optimization to improve the game. Game asset #1 will be released.

The Pocket Space Team

The core team of Pocket Space consists of gamers and veterans of the game industry. The team is led by Aleksandr Krivolap, who is the CEO. He is a Serial Entrepreneur and Principal Solutions Engineer with more than 7 years of experience. Mikita Khazau, CBDO – Pocket Games who is founder and producer of AppsHub. Yuri Zaytsev, CTO has 7+ years of experience in software development. The team also includes Guntis P as a gaming advisor, who is also the founder of Estoty.

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