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Ledger Partners with The Sandbox to Develop Ledgerverse

Ledger x The Sandbox Partnership Details

Ledger, the French-based crypto wallet company, has partnered with The Sandbox to create the Ledgerverse that will help educate people about crypto security and learn how to protect wallets in this era of frequent crypto hacks and breaches. In addition, this collaboration will introduce a game called “The School of Block” in The Sandbox, which aims to make people aware of the threats in the crypto world.

Players will fight hackers and scammers to win exclusive NFT rewards through this game. The project is Ledger’s first metaverse initiative that will be co-created by The Sandbox and Swipe Back, a metaverse creative agency.

The Ledgerverse is a virtual land on The Sandbox metaverse where players have to navigate the map using their crypto safety knowledge. 

The Ledgerverse contains a series of adventures and quests. Through these players will learn how to fight off hackers in return for limited armor and shields. The educational modules in the form of games will reward players with exclusive rewards on the completion of each level.

Ledger believes that LedgerVerse will help promote the company’s vision of securing digital assets and web3 products. On completing the Ledger’s School of Block, players will become the “True Masters of Crypto Security.”

Ledgerverse Details

Ledger x The Sandbox Partnership

The partnership between The Sandbox and Ledger was announced at the Non-Fungible Conference held in Paris. The new partnership aims to bring security to The Sandbox world and provide a virtual place in The Sandbox for Ledger to educate people about crypto.

SAND owners will also be benefited from this partnership as Ledger will provide custom Ledger Nanos to all SAND owners. In addition, the Ledger wallet allows people to store their crypto assets, reducing the risks of losing them to crypto breaches and hacks.

The School of Block Metaverse Game

“The reality is that educated people become Ledger customers, and so we just want to make sure that all people have all the education they need to be safe and properly manage this incredible right and freedom they have of self-custody.” 

Ian Rogers, Ledger’s chief experience officer

“Ledger will not compromise on using Web3 innovation to educate the masses. Our partnership with The Sandbox and Swipe Back is the beginning of a long commitment to building a more inclusive future for users.”

Ariel Wengroff, Global VP Communications at Ledger

About Ledger

Ledger is a French hardware company that provides a secure way to use Bitcoin wallets inside a mini chip card. The hardware wallet connects to the PC through a USB port and interacts with the browser. This prevents hackers from accessing the PC’s sensitive data and stealing bitcoins. As one of the largest providers of hardware cryptocurrency wallets, the company is expanding its operations across the web3 industry.

The Ledger recently released a limited edition of Ledger Nano S Plus, a new hardware wallet with NFT support. Overall, Ledger has sold over 3 million hardware wallets. In addition, over 1.5 million people use Ledger Live every month. It is the company’s software solution to manage your crypto assets.

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