DEFY in the Race to be the First Move-to-Earn Augmented Reality Game

DEFY Move to earn

We have seen the recent trend of move-to-earn games gaining more and more momentum. With projects like Dustland Runner, Genopets or StepN, players get rewarded for completing physical activities. DEFY wants to take the concept further by adding a layer of AR on top of it. With a successful genesis NFT mint and a $3.5M seed funding round led by Animoca Brands, DEFY is already a serious contender in the move-to-earn space.

What is DEFY?

In DEFY’s, your goal is to join the revolution and fight back against the evil Future Systems corporation. And the best way to defeat them is to steal their digital currency, he FCOIN. To do so, players will need to go on hacking missions that require them to move and explore their physical surroundings with the aid of augmented reality (AR).

You will need to explore the world and look for vulnerable access points in order to inject zero-day exploits in Future System’s network.

The alpa release of DEFY is planned for April 14th. So if you want to get in, now is the time to get your DEFY masks NFTs. The game will be available on Android and iOS and will run on the Polygon Network to ensure low gas-fees and a carbon neutral footprint!

In a near future dystopian world, sooner than we wish to believe, Future Systems has amassed power that a dictator could only dream of. Through a series of shady acquisitions, this faceless corporation has gained control of global networks that power the internet, under the guise of giving it away for free to the world. Privacy and individuality are relics of a bygone era. We are reliant on Future Systems to provide the necessities of life that governments used to control – health, education and money.

The DEFY Universe – Free the Metaverse fron the Evil Fuure Systems

A seed funding round led by Animoca Brands and OliveX

The announcement was just made today that DEFY completed a seed funding round of $3.5M. The round was led by Animoca Brands, OliveX and Spartan Group. Other investors include Polygon Studios, GameFi Ventures, Bixin Ventures, Unanimous Capital, PathDAO, and Play It Forward DAO. More info about the funding round can be found in the press release.

“DEFY has the potential to serve as a bridge for the massive casual mobile gaming community to enter the world of NFTs. DEFY is transforming the experience of owning NFTs by introducing AR technology, contributing to making the open metaverse more physically engaging,”

Yat Siu, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands

“The DEFY team’s background with producing world-class AR games for brands such as Red Bull and AIA makes them a leader in the AR move-to-earn space. With our plans in the DOSE fitness metaverse and our newly released Dustland Runner app and website, we see a lot of room for collaboration with the team,”

Keith Rumjahn, CEO and Co-Founder of OliveX

The genesis DEFY mask NFTs and upcoming mints

In order to access DEFY, you will need a DEFY Mask NFT. All NFTs come with $DEFY tokens, of course, the phase 1 (or genesis) NFT have the more tokens attached than the following collections.

The first mint took place on march 26th and 1,300 masks were minted for 160 $MATIC tokens each. Owning a Phase 1 mask doesn’t only give you access to the DEFY game, it will also give you 10 invitation cards for the phase 2. Following the same format, owners of a Phase 2 mask will receive invitations for the 3rd phase to distribute. A clever way to grow the community organically and to avoid gas wars and bots during minting. You could just receive an invite from a Phase 1 mask by joining their Discord server and conncecting with the community.

More info about the minting process and timeline can be found on this Medium post. You can check the secondary market on OpenSea here. Floor price is currently at 0.08 ETH, which is pretty close to the original minting price.

In conclusion

DEFY is another project in the now growing move-to-earn space. This one won’t require to be super healthy, but at least it will push you te get out of your room and explore your surrondings.

With an already solid community and an impressive investor list, we can expect great things from DEFY. The universe looks quite fun and intriguing and the NFTs look super bad-ass!

We are looking forward to seeing the AR integration. Stay tuned for our review after tha alpha version launch on April 14th.