The Sandbox Partners With Playboy to Release a “MetaMansion”

The Sandbox partnered with Playboy to build up the first immersive megamansion of the game, hosting talents and exhibits from one of the world’s most iconic lifestyle brands.

One of the hosts for the Mansion, posted by The Sandbox

Playboy-themed immersive gaming experience in The Sandbox metaverse will include NFT collectibles releases and special experiences for Playboy’s Rabbitar community.

As of now, there are 5,204 Rabbitars minted on the chain, with a total supply of 11,953, commemorating the launch date of the iconic magazine in 1953. Rabbitars come with a limited trade license included, making it possible for the first time in history to create custom art and designs with the Playboy logo and branding.

Each Rabbitar was sold for 0​​.1953 $ETH during the primary sale. The current floor for a Rabbitar on OpenSea is 0.18 $ETH. Overall, the collection is maintaining its value even in a bear market. 

Rabbitars are not the first NFT project released by the brand. Playboy entered the Web3 space in the spring of 2021 with its genesis NFT drop called Liquid Summer in collaboration with Slimesunday, a collection of digital artworks created by reimagining art from Playboy’s archive. The collection sold out in under 3 minutes.

In addition to their ever-growing collection of NFTs, Playboy also started selling some of their old magazines as collectibles, and released partial business license credentials to owners.

Sandbox Partners With Playboy and Releases the MetaMansion

The MetaMansion will include new NFT collections and special experiences tailored to Playboy fans and collectors.

The mansion is a further step in decentralizing the most famous lifestyle brand in the World, and players will likely be able to build their own experiences in the world.

In a recent article, Playboy confirmed users are able to print their Rabbitars on shirts and edit the appearance to match a custom intent. We will likely see something unique like that in the new metaverse.

Playboy announced their plans for 2022: 

Our first and biggest priority is to integrate what we’ve done into what we’re going to do, to determine how existing community benefits and opportunities like Hare Drops, NFT collections, the Playboy Archives, IRL & URL products and experiences and the community’s DeRabbitive creations fit into the larger vision for the Rabbitars, a vision that a) the community wants b) that we can commit to, and c) that we can communicate clearly.

source – What’s next for Playboy

Alongside the main collection, users are also building custom experiences to give back to the communities. DeRabbitives, for example, donates a portion of all users back to random holders of the Rabbitars NFT collection.

The Playboy partnership with the Sandbox might lead to one of the best worlds in the game yet. We highly suggest you engage with their community on Discord and get ready to have fun inside the dopest MetaMansion!

What is The Sandbox

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Built on the Ethereum blockchain (though in the process of migrating to Polygon), The Sandbox is a collection of gaming and social experiences. The Sandbox consists of plots of varying sizes made of voxel-based blocks. Landowners build and customize their own experiences with block editing, hand-crafted assets, and a built-in scripting language. These virtual lands become adventures, virtual shops — whatever their owners imagine and build!

The Sandbox provides free tools for developers and content creators. Using VoxEdit, creators build voxel-based objects for use in-game. Additionally, with the Game Maker users can create all sorts of interactive experiences. The Sandbox continues to announce new partnerships on a regular basis and has already run two alpha tests with play to earn rewards!

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here.

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