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Voxie Tactics Migrating NFTs to Polygon

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The migration of blockchain games from the main Ethereum network to a layer 2 or sidechain solution continues. The latest, Voxie Tactics, begins their move later this month, migrating all of the NFTs associated with the game to Polygon. Owners of Voxie Tactics NFTs won’t really need to do anything. But the team does recommend canceling transactions and sales before the wallet snapshot.

Voxie Tactics, a free to play, play and earn strategy game, plans to migrate their game NFTs to Polygon to take advantage of the lower transaction fees associated with this blockchain. The migration kicks off towards the end of the month (September 2022) and takes place over two days.

Polygon Migration

Note: All times mentioned are EST

The first stage of this migration kicks off on September 20th, 2022. The Voxie team recommends that all Voxie-related transactions be paused and listings removed from NFT marketplaces by 10am. At 11am, Voxie will update the metadata information on Ethereum to show the migration to Polygon.

On September 21st, the Voxie team increases the royalty fees for all Voxie NFTs on Ethereum to 100%. So, if anyone buys a Voxie on the wrong network, all of the funds go to the team who can then reimburse the purchaser. Those fees kick in at 10am, and at 1pm the smart contract for the new Voxie collection will be deployed on Polygon.

Then, on the 22nd, all of the final pieces are put into place. The wallet snapshot occurs at 10am, with the NFT airdrop on Polygon starting at 1pm. Later that day, the team plans a maintenance period, beginning at 5pm. This is to prepare the Voxie Tactics games for using the new Polygon NFTs. The Voxie team scheduled a two-hour maintenance window, but these things almost always take longer than planned. So plan accordingly!

Not only does the move to Polygon allow players to trade and transfer NFTs with much lower fees, but if they use the official Voxie Tactics market, there will be no gas fees at all!

Owners of Voxie NFTs will not need to do much of anything. They can even keep playing the game all the way up to the maintenance window on the 22nd. With this migration, all of the NFTs on the main Ethereum network become dead NFTs.

Voxie Tactics Polygon migration schedule
Voxie Tactics Polygon migration schedule

What’s New with Voxie Tactics?

a Legendary item reward!

It’s been a while since we covered Voxie Tactics. And though the game is still officially in an alpha state, players can already earn VOXEL tokens and NFTs as rewards for winning battles. Voxie Tactics is free to play, strategy game with play and earn potential.

Since our previous article and video review, the Voxies team has been cruising along — updating the game, fending off bots, and adjusting their play and earn economy. As a reward to those players who have been active during the alpha and dealt with various game issues (including sometimes receiving a zero VOXEL payout after winning a match), the Voxie team plans to make a one-time airdrop of VOXEL tokens to players, and also offer a temporary doubling of tokens awarded. The date for both bonuses is still yet to be determined, but I would expect it to be after the upcoming migration to Polygon.

For those just getting started with the game, the team has put together a couple of useful game guides. Here are the links: Part 1 and Part 2

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