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Superior Opens Alpha Playtest

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The alpha releases and playtests keep rolling in! This time, Superior an FPS game about defeating mutated superheroes and stealing their powers, opens a closed playtest on Epic Games. Players with access keys can download and play the game via the Epic games launcher. Other players have to wait for the open alpha.

Superior, a third-person shooter with a very distinctive, graphic novel style game art, enters a closed alpha for a selection of players. If you signed up on their website before this, you might want to check your email for an access key! This closed alpha runs through Epic Games, and requires an Epic games account, linked with your Gala Games account.

Players can use their Character and Weapon NFTs during the alpha via the customization tab. Most likely, any character progression made during the alpha will be reset. So don’t get too attached to those extra power boosts!

In addition to the primary, story-based game, Superior also offers competitive leaderboards. Players must find a Challenge Key to participate in the leaderboards, which record who can get the highest score when clearing a specific level. Unlike regular missions, the leaderboard is single-player only (for now).

Superior alpha gameplay

Superior Gameplay

The premise in Superior is that some mutagen has caused superheroes to turn monstrous abominations. It is up to a plucky group of humans to hunt them down, defeat them, and steal their powers! The game is a mission-based, cooperative, PvE experience with an evolving storyline. The missions are dynamically generated to provide varying experiences. As players progress through the missions, then have chances to upgrade their weapons and acquire various powers to help them in their quest. The farther they get, the more powerful they become, but at the same time, the challenges increase in difficulty.

Superior ronin skill tree
Superior Ronin skill tree

When all players in a group die during a mission, the story ends, and their progress is reset. However, they do get to keep any experience acquired along the way, and use that for permanent boosts to their Characters. Players can also earn extra experience through ‘Gigs’, or daily quests. These are basic things such as kill a number of enemies, or repair a certain amount of armor.

Each Character has their own skill tree And though only three character classes are available (Ronin, Nomad, and Mirage), players have a number of customizations to choose from. Both when starting a mission, and when leveling up. At the start of a new story, players get to pick an initial power to start the game with. This, coupled with varying weapons and a number of skill options makes for a pretty wide starting base. And since each Character also customizes further as they progress through the story, Superior can be a different playthrough each time.

For story missions, players may form private parties, or join a matchmaking lobby. At most, three characters can work together on a mission.

Superior NFTs

Superior features Weapon and Character NFTs. The game offers free Characters to play, though players who use a NFT character level up more quickly. Characters’ level caps are based on their rarity. Though Characters can raise that cap via an ‘Infamy system’. Character NFTs keep their Infamy score, even when changing hands.

At the moment, Superior does not have a whitepaper or any information about a play and earn economy. There does seem to be the opportunity to potentially make a profit by leveling up Character NFTs and re-selling them, but it’s unknown whether this is just a minor feature for Superior or if it will be expanded upon in the future.

To learn more, visit Superior on Twitter and Discord.

Superior Playtest video review

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