DOGAMÍ Tech Launch on September 14

Dogami Tech Launch Details

The joyful mobile-first play-to-earn game, Dogamí, will be launching its first tech demo on September 14, 2022. In this Tech Launch, 100 Dogamers will have the chance to participate in the early stage of the game and support Dogamí development. This Tech Launch aims to get essential feedback on the gameplay before a broader release called Soft Launch 1.

At the end of the testing, the 100 testers will receive a $DOGA airdrop for their helpful work. And probably an extra $DOGA bonus for the most committed Dogamers.

Application for the 100 Dogamers starts on September 1, 2022. Only Alpha series 1 holders will be able to apply. There are only 50 spots for Tech Launch applicants. The remaining 50 spots are reserved for community whales holding more than 7 Dogami NFTs.

This Tech Launch is followed by Soft Launch 1, which will come a few weeks later with improved gameplay and other things based on the feedback received in early-stage testing. In Soft Launch, more Dogamers will be allowed to play the game and earn in-game rewards.


Dogamí is a play-to-earn, Metaverse-ready game and serves as a virtual companion. In the “Petaverse”, players can adopt pets, play games, earn money depending on their contributions, compete, and interact with others.

The game’s primary objective is to develop the best and rarest Dogamí (virtual dog). Each Dogamí will go through three stages of development: Puppy, Adult, and Spirit. To level up the avatar, you must raise your Dogamí and participate in fun mini-games that correspond to real-life activities performed during various maturity stages of your Dogamí.

In addition to cutting-edge Gamified DeFi Features, Dogamí offers appealing play-to-earn mechanisms. It was built on the Tezos blockchain and has a game-native utility token, ‘$DOGA.’

You can use $DOGA to purchase consumables, build your digital wardrobe, purchase events tickets, breed your Dogamí and build the future of the Petaverse.

Dogamí will be soon available on mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Dogamí Petaverse


Dogamí revolves around adopting, raising, and bonding with your virtual NFT dog throughout the different stages of his/her life cycle. Similar to Tamagotchi & Nintendogs, but this time it has come to a whole new dimension. Let’s say “Petaverse”.

Each maturity stage will be distinguished by its activities, different gameplay loops, and respective reward mechanisms. For example, as part of the MVP, players must actively care for their four-legged friends to strengthen their shared bond and generate daily $DOGA rewards.

Dogamí Gameplay


$DOGA is a scarce and useful resource. There is a limited supply of 1 Billion DOGA tokens. It uses the novel Tezos FA1.2 token standard. In essence, the token represents the currency of the Dogamí ecosystem. It serves three features:

  1. Digital Voucher
  2. Governance Features
  3. Staking Features

$DOGA token is deployed on the Tezos blockchain. It is the local currency of the Petaverse. You can earn them while playing Dogamí, or simply buy $DOGA on or Vortex. You can also stake your $DOGA token in the marketplace.

Dogamí Tokenomics

DOGAMÍ Marketplace

The game has a marketplace where you can adopt a Dogamí. This marketplace is built on the Tezos blockchain. It also has four different sections. 

First, the marketplace with two different categories, Dog and Swag. The Dog category has 12,000 items and 162 Dogs for sale with a floor price of 179 XTZ, while the Swag category has 12,000 items and 100 accessories for sale with a floor price of 7 XTZ. 

Second, My Puppies section, where you can view your personal Dogamí NFTs. Third, my swag section is where you can view your accessories. Fourth, the Staking section is where you can stake your $DOGA coins. My Puppies and My Swag sections can only be accessed after connecting your wallet.

Accessories like panel caps, bucket hats, varsity jackets, bandanas, beds, bed pillows, hoodies and belt bags can be found in the marketplace.

Dogamí Marketplace

Future Roadmap

Q3 2022

  • 1st NFT wearables drop
  • Dogamí mobile game launch
  • Charity donation
  • Pay with $DOGA on
  • Hosting of real-life Community Events

Q4 2022

  • Breeding feature
  • Dogamí merchandise collection
  • The Sandbox interoperability
  • Accessory farming
  • Launch of immersive social experience
  • Launch of first PVP experience
  • Introduction of selective cross-breeding
  • Introduction of geospatial gaming features
Investors and Partners

Team Behind DOGAMÍ

In total, more than 20+ full-time employees are dedicated to developing the Dogamí vision. The professional design, tech & community teams are predominantly situated in mainland Europe. The founding team consists of the following individuals: Max Stoeckl, the Co-founder and CEO; Adrien Magdelaine, the Co-founder and COO; Bilal El Alamy, Co-founder and CTO; and Kristofer Penseyres, the Co-founder and CBO.

The team stands on the shoulders of giants and owes a lot to its early supporters & advisors. The Advisors consist of Sebastien Borget, the COO and Co-founder of The Sandbox; Neville Brody, Creative director and Typographer; Josef Holm, Aly Madhavji and Yat Siu, Chairman of the Board, Animoca Brands.

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