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Play to Mint in Dogami World Championship

A new, mobile, free to play, play to mint event has arrived — this one from Dogami! As a prelude to their upcoming World Championship, they are having a contest for free to play players, giving them a chance to earn a free mint for a new, limited edition Dogami NFT collection!

The qualifiers for the Dogami World Championship have started. Anyone can join. In fact, this is specifically targeted at free to play players! All you have to do is download the game, link your Polygon wallet, and be an owner of one of the most experienced Dogami in the game on March 29th!

Players are ranked based on how much experience their highest ranked dog has earned. Everyone in the top 2,000 will have a chance to mint a new Dogami NFT on Polygon. You will need to create an account and link a Polygon wallet in order to participate in these qualifiers.

Only races with Iron, or free ranked dogs will qualify, putting everyone on equal footing. In fact, in order to participate, you will need to link a Polygon wallet that has never been associated with any Dogami NFT, ever! The qualifiers run through March 29th.

What can we win?

Prizes for this qualifier competition include 2,000 new Dogami NFTs. This collection will have five new breeds, 800 of each, all unique, in one of four rarities (bronze, silver, gold, or diamond). Winners will be able to mint their new NFTs on April 3rd for free (aside from gas fees). The NFT reveal will be on April 5th.

This new collection will also include an additional 2,000 NFTs, which will begiven out to beta testers and partner communities. The current Dogami NFT collection has a floor price of about $100.

But, if you earn one of these new Dogami NFTs, you may not want to sell it! That’s because from April 9th through April 16th, there will be a special tournament ONLY for these new NFTs, with a prize pool of $50,000!

In addition, the Dogami team has teases other potential prizes for the qualifiers, even for those who don’t make it into the top 2,000. This includes rewards from partners like The Sandbox, Arc8, Life Beyond, and more! No details on that yet, though.

What is Dogami?

Dogami is a web3-enabled mobile game that sees players training their dogs and competing against other players. The races are mostly passive, though players can activate special powers to help their dogs get through specific sections of the race quicker. And this can often make the difference between winning and losing a race.

Races are randomly generated, with different sections corresponding to the different traits on the Dogami, such as swimming, or agility. Dogami’s traits go up as they gain levels, and they also gain access to power stones, special abilities they can use during a race to speed them up. Dogami can even use consumable items to help them through the races (no rules against doping here!)

Players can earn in-game currency in PvE races. But for those willing to put their kennel to the test against other players, DOGA tokens are also rewarded to the race winners. The in-game Stars currency can be used to train Dogami and buy consumable items.

Dogami is available for Android and iOS devices.

To learn more about Dogami, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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