Spider Tanks Release Date and Planetary Node Sale

The Planetary Node sale for Spider Tanks kicked off on August 29th, with the first tier of Nodes selling rapidly. Owning a Planetary Node allows the owner to host matches, earning SILK tokens as a reward. Node owners will likely be especially happy to hear that Spider Tanks just announced their official release date!

Planetary Node operators can earn semi-passive income in the form of SILK tokens. By owning a Planetary Node license, running the Node software package, maintaining a connection to the Spider Tanks system, and making sure that your server is in the queue, Node operators can serve as hosts for the match, earning Victory Points every time. Once the match is completed, the Node goes back into the queue at the end of the line. Though Planetary Node owners do have the option of upgrading, allowing their system to occupy more than one slot in the queue. At the end of the day, everyone with Victory Points accumulated shares in SILK rewards from a common pool of tokens.

But the first requirement is owning a Planetary Node License.

Planetary Node License Sale and Release Date

The sale for Planetary Nodes began on August 29th, 2022. Prices started at $2,000 increasing by $100 for every 100 Nodes sold. The price maxes out at $5,000. As of the time of this article, nearly 2500 Nodes have been sold, with prices currently at just over 1.75 ETH.

Hang onto your Nodes! Well, maybe buy a Node, then hang onto it, because the official launch of Spider Tanks was announced. On October 31st, this MOBA style game about robot tanks battling over chickens releases.

This is significant for Gala Games as a whole. because while their portfolio of projects has grown immensely, they haven’t really released anything since Town Star, over two years ago! Will this play-and-earn, tank battling game be just the beginning of development releases on the Gala ecosystem? We shall see!

What is Spider Tanks?

Spider Tanks is a top-down, tank-based, MOBA game. In Spider Tanks, two teams of five players battle across a variety of maps and game modes. All players have access to a free selection of equipment. This includes three different tank bodies, each with different stats, as well as a number of options for weapon and equipment load-outs.

Spider Tanks isn’t only about shooting. There are also healing abilities, shields, invisibility cloaks, and airstrikes… just to name a few! The game offers a practice mode for new players or for trying out new builds. The free tank and weapons options change from day to day.

Spider Tanks screenshot
shoot to kill

The game action is fluid and fast-paced. Simple on the surface, Spider Tanks features a lot of equipment options, even for free players. There is definitely potential for team coordination and tank synergy when playing with friends.

NFTs for Spider tanks come in various types from tank bodies to weapons, to map pieces to factories. Many are limited editions and some are unique collaborations (including Snoop Dogg tanks!). Some are visual skins only, though others offer bonuses or a new tank ability. NFT items can be equipped at any time.

Spider Tanks is building a play-and-earn economy with tournaments, rentals, land ownership, component creation with Factories, and even climbing to the role of Emperor for an entire planet! Spider Tanks features a token called SILK. Players, map owners, and Planetary Node operators receive Victory Points throughout the day. At the end of the day, their SILK payout is based on their percentage of the total VPs accumulated by all players throughout the day.

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