Dogamí Doga House Soft Launch

Doga House Soft Launch

On November 30, 2022 the Dogamí Doga House Soft launch went live. This all-new simplified version allows users to interact with your Dogamí whenever they want to earn the $DOGA rewards. Every Sunday the team will take a snapshot and send your rewards every Tuesday during the day.

With the addition of a new server, gamers will need to reset their passwords via their DOGAMÍ marketplace gaming accounts before they can care for their faithful virtual companion. If you’ve already done that, you can skip this section.

To play the game, you need to log in. Enter your email address and password that you saved in the marketplace’s My Gaming Account section. You’ll see the Dog selector menu once you’ve logged in. You’ll see your Dogamí in your wallet (linked to your gaming account) at the bottom of the screen. Check that you can only link one wallet to your gaming account. If you have other Dogamí in other wallets and want to play with them, you must move them to the new wallet.

To play the game, scroll left and right to look through your Dogamí. Then, tap twice on your preferred Dogamí to transport them into the DOGA house. To navigate the DOGA house, players simply swipe left or right or tap on one of the five needs at the bottom of the screen to go to a particular region of the surroundings to complete that action.

To earn $DOGA, players must finish one of the five suggested actions for each of their Dogamí daily. $DOGA airdrops happen once a week and are linked to the rarity of the Dogamí, the number of Dogamí, and the number of tasks completed in a week.

Doga House Soft Launch Reward Airdrop

Players must simply tap on one of the icons to engage in an activity. They will then be led to the area of the environment where they will finish the task. A menu will appear once you’ve chosen the task you want to complete. You can select which consumables to give your Dogamí. Once you’ve completed the selected task, an icon will make it into the top left-hand corner to indicate that you’ve dealt with it. Other features, such as GAP accessories, will eventually be integrated into the DOGA house.

By the end of the year, all Dogamí Alpha 1 and 2 Series owners will have access to the DOGA House. If you haven’t already, create a gaming account through the marketplace to gain access to the game.

Dogami Marketplace

About Dogamí

Dogamí is a play-to-earn, Metaverse-ready game and serves as a virtual companion. In the “Petaverse,” players can adopt pets, play games, earn money depending on their contributions, compete, and interact with others.

The game’s primary objective is to develop the best and rarest Dogamí (virtual dog). Each Dogamí will go through three stages of development: Puppy, Adult, and Spirit. To level up the avatar, you must raise your Dogamí and participate in fun mini-games that correspond to real-life activities performed during various maturity stages of your Dogamí.

In addition to cutting-edge Gamified DeFi Features, Dogamí offers appealing play-to-earn mechanisms. It was built on the Tezos blockchain and has a game-native utility token, ‘$DOGA.’

You can use $DOGA to purchase consumables, build your digital wardrobe, purchase events tickets, breed your Dogamí and build the future of the Petaverse.

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